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There was a trial for the British Army's "Long Range Rifle" requirement - three 0.50 rifles and a 0.338 went into the competition.

The Accuracy International AWM won it, chambered in 0.338 Lapua Magnum. (The Germans bought the same rifle in 0.300 Win Mag, which is a hell of a compliment given the strength and political clout of their domestic industry). Essentially, 0.50 couldn't cut it in the accuracy stakes, while 0.338 did, and also met the "power" requirement (i.e. accurate enough to hit an engine block at x km, powerful enough to break it when it does).

Looking at the vaunted groups shown on the page you linked, I'd suggest that it's not much to write home about - at 100m, those groups must be 1", 1.5", and 2" across. I would expect 1MOA (basically, an inch at 100yds) group at most out of a decent rifle.

However, if you want to blow things up using slightly interesting ammunition natures from only a few hundred meters away, this might be just the gadget. It's why 0.50 weapons get issued to EOD teams and not to snipers.

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