As the dry ice clears, the lights come up and "..........." blasts out!

I was at a regimental boxing night a few weeks ago and contrary to usual tradition, the boxers weren't drummed into the ring but choose their own entrance music. Because they were all young and thick as fuck, they -to a man- went for hip hop, solja shite. It got me wondering, if I had the bollocks to step into the ring, what music would I enter to. Everytime I hear a decent tune I change my mind but I think I've settled on "Hellraiser" by Motohead.
What piece of music would you enter to and why?
Sympathy of Destruction .

Put the fear of Christ up the chav set , and there hip hop gangsta horseshit .

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Puppy Love. It would lull my opponent into a false sense of security before I started windmilling like a big girl's blouse.
Fucking in the Bushes a la 'Snatch'.

Either that or Return Of The Space Cowboy. It reminds me of trees that song.
"Living next door to Alice" - when the chorus came "Alice, Alice, who the fuck is Alice?" it would confuse and enrage my opponent thereby giving me the advantage to knock them out in round 1. This ploy would only work if I fought girls called Alice - failing that, I'd be fucked and have a very short career!
Queen. 'Another One Bites the Dust.'
Utter silence.

It'd sh1t 'em right up.

A few years back,we had some IS Chimp make up some sort of projected shit, with flames and a pic of the boxeer with some stats. Including one bird claiming the alias 'Chav'. Lovely.

It finished with a recorded shadow sesh, before 'let's fight'cascaded on to the screen to some god awful soundtrack.

it was pump.
The Lincolnshire Poacher,
It was my Regimental song and would have all the folk there to see me fight singing along, nothing like a home advantage mind fuck for the opponent

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