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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by TankersAngel, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Are you allowed in the Toc H and NAAFI across the road or have they disappeared by now?
  2. NAAFI is still there. I can go on camp, that's not the problem but as far as I know I am not allowed to go to NAAFI for a shopping tour.
  3. If you speak nicely to the guys in the guardroom, they might put you in touch with the Brigade adjutant or even their own for that matter. When they understand what you're up to they might escort you round the NAAFI for a shopping run.
  4. Excellent work Tankers Angel, stick with it
  5. mmm I'll email them perhaps they can make some special offers or even donate something.

    I've talked to some friends in the Guardsroom and they'll look into it. I made a list with stuff that I barely get outside the camp, like english magazines, books (we can get them but they're expensive as hell), DVD's (frickin country code) and english games....

    Some of the RMP's were pretty supportive and also gave some tips.
  6. I sent out a stack of parcels at Christmas that were well received. They were things for troops in the field rather than those operating out of fixed bases.

    Details are on this thread:

    You might want to use my list as an alternative contents option.
    I've put together the following list for field troops on Herrick:

    Note that I found these containers very good as they are waterproof, fit in webbing and are tough and re-usable.
    Lock and Lock!3346_2483

    The following size is about the same as a mess tin so is a good choice.

    D Divided 1 litre
    20 x 13 x 6cm H. (7¾" x 5" x 2½").
    3 sections.
    Ref 9259

    I think the whole lot cost about £120 for:
    So looks possible within your budget constraints. Ask if I can be of any help to you.
  7. Yeah those boxes are awesome. I use them myself and we can get them over at Ratio. Usually I work a lot with Zip Loc. Doesn't matter what it is I put everything in Zip Loc LOL.

    The Packages usually go out to Basra and Baghdad and your list is nearly the same that works for us too. Doesn't matter if britons or americans, those lists always work for the troops in the field :)

    As for themed packages here are some great ideas
  8. Finally managed to get some magazines in the post to you today. The price of postage, though, means I probably won't do it like that again.

    It was cheaper to send them airmail than surface! Is there no way you can negotiate a drop off via BFPO 17?
  9. Hello there, thanks so much for your help. Meanwhile there was a lot of progress going on. If anyone of you is interested, just get in touch with our UK Manager Sarah Gaylard.