As Ops pro and cons

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by birminghamben, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    I am in the process of choosing a trade and the AS op seems something that I would be interested in.

    I would be grateful if someone could give me their opinion of the role i.e. pro and cons

    Also where would I be barracks, alongside the infantry or in the back of a vehicle....Also would I get the oppertunity to travel much?

    Thanks for the help guys!

  2. Be aware that RS Op and AS Op will very probably be combing soon to form a new hybrid trade of 'Information and Communication Services Operator' (ICS Op). AS Ops normally don't work alongside the infantry, you're more likely to be responsible for setting up and operating wide area communications systems. There's a lot of old kit out there at the moment, but I believe that the main thrust of the AS Op in a couple of years will be the new comms system 'Falcon'. It's basically a bearer system for all the data that will be flying around the battlefield. Sounds like great fun.
  3. Thanks for the info.

    I know during my basic training I will not have the time or be allowed to visit home, however during my phase 2 training at blandord would there be an issue with me visiting home at the weekends?

    I ask as I have a long term gf who I live with, so will have to keep her sweet.

    Appreciate the advise.
  4. I heard you have to be gay to be a 'handbag' AS Op. Nah just joking but as an RS Op you are much more likely to get away from the chain of command on exercise and get out on your own, especially if you work on a RRB. Unless you like making brews for nobber staff officers in that case go ahead...

    Bauer (RS Op in case you didn't guess)
  5. And i literally just missed that last question there is generally not a problem with that in Blandford your weekends are generally your own unless you fcuk up during the week and they make you work the weekend
  6. When is that coming in for regulars? Just spent part of last week working what the TA Gap was in that trade (yep we've got it already), having a look at the regular RSTO's would be useful.

    I guess ICS Op will be delivered in a modular format, i.e. if your going to be employed on a SW then your only going to be taught that (a bit like the TA Ptarmigan units).

    Used to be a TA AS Op myself, was fun at times but spending more than a fortnight sat in the back of a SW would bore me stupid.
  7. However in diamond 2 or 6 (formation depending) you can pretty much stay away from SO1's SO2's and only see your own Sqn heirarchy when they come in for a skive.

    Bauer!!!! Still a sproggy gobsh1te I see :) :)

    On paper still a Sys Op.
  8. Looking into the future is the key I feel. My unit is undergoing Bowmanisation as we speak and as an AS OP I feel we may be getting the sh1tty end of the stick.

    The RS OPS are getting to go on a decent conversion course whilst the SAS/MC's Switchs, NC etc...... will still be in use and will get converted, albeit to a lower level.

    I would, given the chance now, choose the RS OP path.

    Working with up to date kit (compared with Ptarmagin) and the future in the outside world being Digital Comms is the way ahead.

    Is AS OP a trade fast fading into the abiss with the introduction of Bowman. I think so!!!!

    Band 5 Nokia. Connecting you!!!!!
  9. Yea still the same old red arrse and still a siggy (probably has something to do with the sproggy gobsh1te thing!) The trick is to tell everyone above you how sh1t everything is all the time, they soon get the message.

    And im 5 years in now ill have you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Old sweat me
  10. Too true, too true mate.

    Going back to the original subject in hand. I feel it may be worth while knowing the CES of a 9 x 9, 12 x 12, 18 x 24 and any other tents we use. A hole in the trade stucture of the Corps I feel.
  11. It's not a case of AS Op fading into the abyss - it's just that NEC has a big role for the Royal Signals; one which requires quite a bit of restructuring. The corps seems to be embracing the long-talked about concept of having two main comms trades; the Operator-Maintainer (ICS Op) and the Maintainer-Operator (ICS Engr). I think that most operators will eventually be involved with Falcon (an AS role), with a smaller amount left to act as RS (prob HF?) specialists or Div/BdeBowman support teams. Don't quote me on that - it's just a hunch.
  12. Ill take the HF on any day of the week, ive seen what AS Ops do and no thanks...

    HF static gives me a hard on...
  13. You've obviously not experienced Fresnel zones
  14. Obviously not...
  15. Or how hard(/manly) it is to get a SCAM 12 out of a relay or to move a SHF on your own