Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EAGLE1, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. :x I may be classed as slow in mind and sometimes quite a simple chap. Yet as I see the genocide taking place in Lebanon I cannot help but wonder: where the **** is our illustrious leader? what is his take on this situation.
    Would Sir Winston Churchill have gone to ground?

    What is the difference between Saddam hussains Government, and the hell on earth and massacre being delivered by the Israeli government. 'Sledge hammer to crack a wallnut springs to mind'. Am I alone in this thinking.

    we burst into Iraq what the **** are we doing ignoring this massacre.
    I am Proud to be British right now.

    In my oppinion we are bogged down all over the world, we are spread to thinly on the ground and Mr Blair has a constant look on his face that says to me 'can someone please tell me what the **** I should do next' (with a smile of course).

    Or is it just me??????????

    Andy Gregory.
  2. Hes looking down the back of the sofa for some more soldiers.

    He clearly wants to go but hes leant all of his troops to Bush to play with, thus none are left in his own toy box.

    He is also wondering why we've run out of troops because he was weighing the pig constantly and he was sure it was getting heavier!

    (NO WAH - what is an RAF parachute Pilot?)

  3. No point trying to crack a wallnut with a wet blanket, as our Government would try,

    I say to Isreal smack it good :lol: :lol:
  4. He's doing as he's told by GWB. Presumably there are no American citizens in Lebanon, given the US's lack of action?
  5. Dont be so hysterical
  6. Well its obvious where Tony is. He's chewing the fat with Dubbya on internationl TV, talking about putting an end to this "sh1t" :D
  7. ..and Lord Levy, who, when not assisting Insp. Knacker with his enquiries, is Bliar's 'special adviser' on the Middle East.

    It has been reported elsewhere that the USMC pitched up to evacuate US citizens. Apparently they were criticised for taking a long time to arrive - so, no change there, then.
  8. As a fully qualified bloke in all manners of psychology - why dont you have any letters after your name?

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  9. Do you think he could tell us whether bragging is a Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Individual Differentiation or Cognitive Psychology issue? :)
  10. I emphasize Lord Levy is a special advisor...not different but "special".

    As for where is Mr Blair, sadly he is not doing gang-plank duty on HMS Bulwark - because this is the type of thing he knows NOTHING about. Just as he knows nothing about PSO in the Balkans, war-fighting in the gulf and whatever you call ops in Afghanistan these days. Sadly he needs to learn but alack he has no chance...
  11. He does: GSM, which I imagine stands for General Service Medal, though it's incorrect to use it as a post-nominal. It's also an award and not a decoration.

    I note that his book is recommended by Alun Jones, a somewhat controversial figure in the area of PTSD treatment; some might say it's hardly a recommendation at all...
  12. You are not alone in thinking what is happening is a disgrace. Bush and Blair, as well as standing up to Islamic terrorists should be using all means to stop the Israelis indulging in war crimes.
  13. Im right behind Israel. Burn those fcukers till (a) You get your boys back in one piece and (b) someone in the Palestinian govt puts the firkin anchors on the hezzies. The Bush/Blair brotherhood cant be asked to answer all the worlds problems. Lets call the UN, maybe they can have a week long meeting, make some ridiculous resolutions that are impossible to enfore and then send the Pakistani UN soldiers to take care of the hot spots. Even better, lets leave em to it and let the last man standing be declared "winner takes all".
  14. Question... How many airstrikes did they call in? :twisted:
  15. I for one am quite keen for the Dear Leader to keep silent, as on past form, if he starts talking about imposing solutions in horrible places, the next thing I know is that I'm being issued with all sorts of interesting kit, and am being invited on an all-expenses trip to some sh*t-hole where the residents don't tend to be friendly. So Tony - STFU!

    As for the ParaHeli flying SF dealer of death and counselling who started this thread... you need to get out more pal, what are you trying to do - repopulate your village?