As if the job isn't hard enough........

Your right. The job may just get harder.

And all thanks to this lot. They signed up to the International Criminal Court...... and I don't recall having a brief on the impact that would have on our Ops.

ROE that are based on a buggers muddle, since they have to be based on simple, easy to understand principles but in no way cover the complexity of the situations a sailor/soldier/ airman faces whilst on Ops. Nor do they take into account being knackered, frightened, worried etc. An if you fcuk up, HEY! We'll jail/ sue your sorry arse!!

And if we catch the cnut you shot/ killed your mates..... well, we'll just let 'em off! And if they hijack an airliner to the UK, they can stay at Taxpayers expense.

Now, If I had known that when I joined up, would I have bothered?

Is it me, or has the whole system gone bonkers?????????
Hey BK, you forgot to mention that once they get here, they have to be put into a 5 star hote...sorry, a detention centre and then be given legal aid in order to sue for the trauma of being arrested after the hijacking!!

Where will it all end? In fact, let's make it easy. Why don't we just pay compensation to every surviving enemy soldier from (let's say) the 1st World War onwards, who was injured by a British soldier. Any who were killed? Well, we can just give the money to their surviving relatives. Let's prosecute every single surviving soldier who took part in all the conflicts of the last century because, let's face it, they must all have violated someone's rights at some stage. Then we can start on the families of those killed so that they can pay up for the attrocities committed by their dead fathers/brother et al!!! :x :x :x

I cannot beleive that we have to put up with this shiite!!! Why won't somebody in the Gov't say enoughs enough and pull out of this European tree hugging, let's fcuk over the good guys and give all the money to the bad guys circus.
Wise words, undertaker. Its all going to hell in a knackered BOWMAN converted Land Rover.

I sure picked a bad day to give up being pissed off.

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