As if Italy Doesn't Have Enough Problems


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Apparently he has no chance because the former coalition supporters have either turned away from him or have problems of their own. Berlusclowni is an attention seeking slimeball, who just wants to remind us that he is still there.
Well there are advantages, at least you know he'll be removed by the troika and replaced with a suitable banker.
go Silvio! he might screw the country into the ground (along with the rest of Europe) but at least you know he'll go it with style.

i like him just for the sheer brass neck of the man, he's my new jeffrey archer


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there are worse things to spend your money on
As George Best was famously quoted as saying:

"I spent the bulk of my money on booze, women and gambling - the rest I wasted".

He also told the story of being caught drunk in bed in a hotel by room service with the current Miss World. The room service guy shook his head and said "Where did it all go wrong, George?"

I wish...


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