As I walked towards Imber Village on friday night..

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. I did have plenty of time to consider if I really needed everything I'd packed... Answer: Nope.

    Good fitness value, though, and a good hard battle on sunday at zero early hours which should pay dividends in late may..

    Did anyone else make the stroll?

  2. I have no idea what you're on about. :?

    However, I will be doing exercise Southern Craftsman this Weekend. Anyone else get conned into this?
  3. When you sell the gold teeth plundered from the corpses ?

    "" As I walked towards Imber Village on friday night..
    My eyes beheld a hideous sight,
    Blair and Hoon smiling at me,
    promising me an improved Bounty.
    (and the opportunity to invade Iran)"
  4. If in doubt, best say nowt. Not your unit.


    bugger off and ask in your own thread.
  5. In spirit am sure I took that self same walk (at some point)... - always preferred Imber to Copehill Down for some reason.

    and might well actually have been on said weekend - however getting back into green is proving to be somewhat protracted and involved.

    Still working on it though....

    How fared the battle at dark o'clock on the Sunday morning - out of interest?

  6. A good scrap, deception plan was nice and noisy; some support troops learned about the skyline ( and what it does when you are sneaking up to a fire position ). The enemy was mobile, counter-attacked and made good use of the ground. Took about 2.5 hours to clear the village; just the main bit, not its entirety. We'll be seeing Imber from 50 feet, circa 130mph pretty soon and the exercise should prove invaluable. Good'n, the Irish.

    I can state with confidence that the woods to the west of Imber where gibberingly cold at 0400 as I lay there in my smock shaking like a jelly with Alzheimers.

    In an echo of the Good Old Days the Q staff cooked a cracking heart stopper breakfast for us all - particularly welcome and top notch scoff.
  7. Last time I saw Imber was PCBC - longer ago than I would care to admit....

    It was summer and had been searingly hot on the plain - had been out in the field for days and it was all building to the final assualt on Imber. At this point the "Gods of War" decreed a change in the weather and a thunder-storm built up.

    The rain descended suddenly in sheets - as everyone was soaked through anyhow didnt mind the crawling up the ditches to get into position etc... was very atmospheric the lightning, thunder, the Bat-sims etc.

    Then just when were all charged up and good to go "End-Ex" is called cause some f*kcing numpty that had come straight to PCBC from his units annual camp had managed to still have some live rounds in his bergen and had mixed them up in an ammo replen.

    All that build up and the atmosphere wasted. Thoroughly disappointing. :(
  8. Ah, the one where the traditional Chinook lift into Ex STREET CLEANER was cancelled due to weather, and you all had to tab in?

    Sounds like the PCBC that my mate was on (6'6" and red-haired; you might know him); numpty was in his section. He said he looked across and saw that the muppet concerned was firing, that his BFA had disappeared forwards, and that the weapon was still recocking. Being a sensible soul, he shouts "STOP", persuades the mong to stop firing, and starts getting the good news to the DS - you'd done an ammo replen in the dark?, and his thought was "what if other people have live rounds too".

    Anyway, his understanding was that the mong concerned had picked up the magazine in the dark from field or fields unknown......mong similarly got a bollocking for having fired at least five or six rounds without BFA, and not having hit any of the Fusiliers playing exercise enemy......
  9. Ex. "Southern Craftsman" will there be basket weaving? :D
  10. That was the one exactly. Had been looking forward to the heli-lift at the time - had been a tiring few days..... but considering the astounding thunderstorm that kicked off can understand the reluctance for them to fly.

    Even though the approach was f*'ing tiring once the storm got into full swing everyone notched up a gear and got stuck in; great atmospherics...

    and then just to have End-Ex like that. Anti-climax incarnate.

    As you mentioned lucky he was such a lousy shot that none of the Fusilier live enemy got hit.... or that he hadnt injured himself. I imagine that live round meets BFA can have a number of unattractive endings.

    Yes - the muppet/numpty concerned was in my section also I think, certainly my platoon - can still remember his name and all that... never saw him after that. Think he disappeared from the course sharpish.

    And you are indeed correct that it was after a night replen - would still have liked to think that wieght and feel would give away the difference between live rounds and blanks.... oh well.
  11. B_B I was on said weekend.. good training, despite 4 hour tab in on the Friday and 45 mins sleep - but sleep deprivation has never killed anyone.. and what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. :roll:
  12. Think I have DF'd your unit.

    Spoke to a bloke I know who was on the weekend.

    Hear that some officer stormed a house and killed his own wounded.

    Another one was running about in a brand spanking assault vest, with rattling mess tins!!!!
  13. Sounds like a typical London Regiment weekend so I hear.
  14. Forgot to mention the rattling mess tins was the CO!!!!
  15. He must think he's Tim Collins. He'll be pistol whipping PoWs next. :wink: