As a SR Paramedic, can I join the QAs?

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Sundog, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. And if yes, in what capacity.......?
  2. And the point you're making is.......?

    So back to the enquiry, can a fully qualified and experienced SR Paramedic join the QAs?
  3. Nooooooooooooooooo. unless a qualified nurse, or a HCA. Become one of gods chosen,an MA, oops sorry, a CMT.

    MA 1.
  4. All our paramedics have gone to the RAF. The others are on Herrick having endured a 6 week CMT1 course which they felt made a mockery of their experience and skills.
  5. Thanks for that.
    Sounds about right for the Army I'm affraid.
    No fuckin' idea, and I'm not surprised that paramedics are choosing not to sign on in droves.
    Given that the QAs specifically recruit qualified medical professionals, I was hoping that things may have been a bit different to the usual 'you'll have to start again' nonesense spouted by the RAMC.
  6. It is the MOD way, piss away money and squander any natural advantage you might have. I had a (TA) CQM who was qualified to intubate, administer drips, and apply defibrillators as a consequence of his day job as a senior paramedic with the Fire brigade but he could not provide med cover for a bft as he did not have a mil qual. Had another lad who was an instructor for the ambulance service and I couldn't use him either. The neurosurgeon was slightly different, I wouldn't have trusted him to administer aspirin, but he was allowed to supervise a bft despite the lack of a mil qual.

  7. yet at one point CMT's (regardless of experience) were not allowed to do medical cover without a nurse (again regardless of experience) to seek advice from.....
  8. Thanks for the comments.
    That's more than a little disheartening isn't it. It shows that yet again, a major employer has absolutely no idea about what Paramedics are able to offer.
    And as for having to ask nursey - WTF is that all about????? While the Paramedic is getting on with the task, the nurse is usually still thumbing his or her way through the PGDs looking for guidance.

    I'll have to make one point to GoodIdeaAtTheTime though. Your bod from the fire service, was very unlikely to be a Paramedic. Always check to varify registration.
  9. So to expand on my original enquiry.
    I'm a Specialist Paramedic / Paramedic Practitioner (PA*****)
    Offshore Medic with ILS, ALS and PHTLS plus shit loads of other stuff
    ex CMT1

    Are you saying that I'd have to start all over again, and even then, I'd have to ask nursey for advice?
  10. Pretty much :) Join the RAF, or UKSF reserve support
  11. Too old for UKSF support, and don't fancy being a crab.

    I spent 10 years in the infantry, so may try HQ Coy for my local TA unit and see what they say.

    If it's just 'ooooooo, noooooooo, you'll have to do it all over again', then I'm affraid they can fook off.

  12. For a minute i thought this was the professional forum of arrse until FiveA pitched up. Mods can u not ban this troll from at least the professional areas of this website? It's an embarrassment to anyone reading or wishing to join
  13. Fixed that (sorry for bringing “humour” into a serious board)…
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  14. Homo
  15. Interesting you should say that. Whilst still serving I helped an Ambulance Service develop a paramedic course and career path. After almost 18 months of working with this ambulance service I mentioned I was thinking of coming out and what did they have to offer. The answer was: nothing. Because the unions had got hold of the new concept then no-one could come in pre-qualified. So I would have to start on the bus run with ambulatory patients and work my way up.

    Asking around this seemed to be the norm apart from private work in London or abroad, rig work or worldwide medical work. I decided to go into pharmaceuticals and had 12 good years but still smile at not being able to join the ambulance service that was basically using my course!

    You may feel the 6 week CMT course a waste of time. In my day it was pitched way below paramedic but may have changed. However, if you wish to go to Afghanistan and treat people who desperately need your skills then why not just accept it as a necessary evil, a refresher if you like and just enjoy the ride. There are other, far more interesting courses but you must be a CMT1 first.