As a pleasant result of recent discussions over Insp Gadget,

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by ugly, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    As a pleasant result of recent discussions over Insp Gadget, it has come to my attention that we have an Arrsse Godwins law regarding plod threads. There seems to be two main versions of this, one where two distinct camps bth pro and anti plod line up prior to any real bezzering and the obvious one where within a nano second of a post about UK policing is made the "Ugly spectre" of Kent Police rears its head.
    So do we have an arse plodwins law?
  2. I've totally avoided copper threads.....Because I don't understand this kent stuff and they seem to pile on page after page

    Is it an internet meme, can you succinctly explain it in less than three sentences?
  3. I can do 3 words.
    Bouncebanana - Mental - Obsession
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  4. Bouncebanana's wife left him after a session with an asian member of Kent police, now he tries to stir up racial hatred and is obsessed with attacking Kent police.

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  5. The thing is, the entity known as Bounce Banana offers nothing with his stream of consciousness posts: they invariably follow the style of the casual observer coming up on a conversation that is already a third of the way through. His rants are disjointed, illogical and (to me) offer nothing to the subject of Policing in UK. He offers no conclusions or end comment/observation. Indeed, so loosely structured are his 'facts', my eyes have glazed over by the second paragraph. Once, I went blind for 3 hours, my sight being saved by 2 bottles of proper Czech Budweiser and a small portion of clove-infused home made apple pie. With cream.

    I suppose an open forum such as ARRSE needs an Asperger's afflicted subject such as BB, if only for the usual suspects to play with: but the thing is, Ugly, you and the other residents of Olympus have the power to terminate such wibble at a stroke.
  6. There's no point asking the moderators to get rid of his posts, they never ever do.
  7. Every area has several people like BB, it's just that he has found ARRSE as an outlet for his unconventional views

    I get regular letters from a gent in my area that make some of BB posts look positively focused.

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  8. I have no opinion here.
  9. It's the Met. People don't consider it news when they unlawfully kill someone, it's become commonplace.
  10. I was wondering why we've not had one.

    I find it ridiculous that we can have endless 'inquiries' on these incidents many years down the line, especially when it seems they keep going until they reach the 'right' conclusion according to the police hating orthodoxy
  11. 3 is common?

    You fizzing loon
  12. It's 3 too many. Oh, 4 too many.