Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Chockster, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. How many AS-90's would a battery of the Royal Artillery have (say 4th Royal Artillery Regiment)?


  2. Would those be the ones in 6 and 7 scots?
  3. lol, no.

    already been on the Royal Artillery association website to try and get help, but haven't heard anything back.

    I'm writing a novel and the first part of my book involved the emergency services, I have friends that work in the police, ambulance service and NHS, so was able to get help for that part of my book, but I don't really have relatives or friends in the armed forces. My friend at wor, her husband works at RAF Leuchars, so can get info on the RAF, but the Royal Marines and the British Army, having to research as much as I can from books, tv programmes, internet sites.

    So any help is greatly appreciated.


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  4. 8 guns in war, 6 in peace (or pieces).

    In theory.


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  5. Thats changing as i believe there is now a Bty permanently equipped with Light gun in each cs regiment and most cs regiments will also have a GMLRS Bty as well
  6. Actually if you abbreviate Regt then you have to abbreviate the rest as RA too. :) 4th Regt RA or 4th Regiment Royal Artillery, either or ;)

    Could go into it further about being the Royal Regiment of Artillery...

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  7. Do these extra 2 guns man themselves during war?
  8. There's always one! Fair play.

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  9. No you couldn't! 4th Regt. RA is PART of the Royal Regiment.

    Dingerr, it used to be that we crewed all eight guns, then it was decided that two would be kept in light Care and Pres and manned by reservists or TA. They were brought out purely for firing and keeping the MV records up to date.
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  10. Well it depends on how many you set fire to. Seem to remember this one on TELIC no numbers

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  11. Looks like BATUS to me.
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  12. Yes that was BATUS. Caused, by a smoker.
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  13. looking at the mod website, it says the 4th Regt RA is equipped with 2 batteries of AS-90. So the other batteries have the light gun? I know they are based at Topcliffe.

    For one of the scene's in my novel, I have an artillery barrage that is required, so needed to know how many guns or AS-90's a battery would have.

    I see that there is a choice of a 3 burst ten second barrage or they can fire 8 rounds per minute over three minutes.

    At the Brigade HQ (4th Mech Brigade), would there be a fire control officer who would co-ordinate the barrage between the different batteries?