ARVN (South Vietnamese AF) Memories

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Trip_Wire, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Explore this website in detail, among other things, you will find the 'Bat-21' story with pictures of the ARVN SEAL (Kiet Van Nguyen) who was awarded our Navy Cross, as well as many pictures of vintage aircraft and places in Vietnam during that war.


    "You are viewing the first page of VNAF photo section. At the begining, we planned to use this PHOTO SECTION to store all related VNAF pictures; however, in the process, there were many aspects about Vietnam war than we could anticipate. As a result, you see more than just aircraft on this Photo Section. All new Photo pages are listed on the left column. Enjoy!"

  2. 'Kingbee' pics are awesome. Flying an old helicopter into a hot LZ to extract an in contact recon team, need some real balls to do that, especially at night with no NVGs.
  3. Loan was rescued by an Australian journalist named Pat Burgess who carried him out of the fire. There's a picture of it somewhere. Loans eyes are rolling and he looks all shocky & fucked up. Leading the charge against NLF holdouts on May 5 1968 Gen. Loan took three AK slugs and grenade fragments. One bullet severed the artery in his right leg.
  4. Hi Taxman.

    You certainly know your onions.

    I’m enormously keen to see the photo of Loan and Burgess. I’ve never seen it and have always been intrigued as to why that particular photograph is the most suppressed image of the Vietnam War. It would perhaps add some ‘Ying’ to Loans famous photo ‘Yang.’

    Pat Burgess in his book ‘WARCO’ cryptically explains its early demise thus:

    “Both Faas and Arnett tried to lift themselves above the complexities of the war by putting their faith in the AP. (Associated Press) The AP was in fact a brotherhood. Raised around the walls in the office in Saigon were blown-up snaps of their famous pictures – the AP who had died in ‘Nam, Burgess and Loan the day Loan was wounded –though someone later snipped the string that held this picture, allowing it to crash to the floor in a pool of shattered glass. It was still lying there when I went back to Ho Chi Minh City after the Northern victory. The photographer who had taken the picture had offended against the strict rules of the brotherhood, He’d been excommunicated, his work erased from the walls of the Sistine.”

    Any idea what that particular passage was about?

    Do you know who the photographer on the outer, was?