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Discussion in 'REME' started by Listy, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. I was wondering how long does it take to recover an armoured vehcile useing a CRARRV/CHARRV?

    I know each case would be different, however an average time would be helpful. Is it jsut a case of hooking a winch up and yanking the vehicle out or something more?

  2. You're a t1t. :D

    Although I'm not a reccy mech, it involves calculation of angles, ground, anchor points and sh1te like that.

    Depends on what enviroment you're in as well. If you have to use potential crew members doing security, it'll slow you down.

  3. so after all that you just hook the winch up and yank it out ? :lol:
  4. Easy - straight pull - if that doesn't work, call up your mate with his and do a two-to-one! - feck me ST2B, angles and stuff?
  5. entirely correct, having spent 10 years plus on ARRV's. try a straight pull, if it aint budging an the winch cuts 2-1. if your unlucky enough to have a CH. ARRV try a 3-1!!

    most bog ins will be out in 2-3 hours, good commander will use crew to move kit and reccy mech and commander concentrate on job and putting it together when in place. accidents will take much longer. side over side and end over end etc. think they avoid end over end now totally the reccy mechs but not sure.

    hopefully of use and im not gonna get too much disagreement from gods trade boys!!
  6. LOL, good commander would be scratchin his arrse whilst counting how many crates he would be charged by the Messy rech. :)
  7. It has to be the 18hr default job time of all recy mechs with that deep sigh and draw on the fag and head shake
  9. Thanks guys.

    What about Mobility kills from enemy action?
  10. Enemy?

    They should be too wary of being caught in the vicinity of a 2 to 1 pull,
    have you ever stepped into a rechy mechs area whilst they attempted a recovery?

    Coffea with cream!

    Egg Banjo's!

    Sleeping on the decks!

    Fourth man!


    Those were the days!
  11. Rechy Mechs the only trade that can crate you when they are just doing their job!!

  12. Thats because if a Recy Teddy has to do his job the casualty Comd/Dvr havent done their job properly!
  13. Not really, shit happens some times ground unexpectedly gives way etc!!

  14. Bullocks and Shyte

    Shall I start charging RMechs every time the winch has to come out due to negligence/not doing their job properly?

  15. LOL

    Just noticed.....I fcukin bit didnt I?

    1 post?
    a Remf?

    OMG, dont post when pished!