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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by bibo_boy, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Hello...

    Just switched from Sigs to Guns and have been asked what trade I want to do?

    Not sure how my Rad Op trade fits in but I've been told I should do OP's?

    I know roughly what an OP does but is there anyone that has any more info than fire over there?

    Also any good sourse on net of all thing artillery?

  2. An OP ack will essentially drive and do sigs, so its a good fit for you, 2 areas you need to be shiite hot at, into actio drill (up periscope or for your lot that will be the 5.4) and VP, VP is the key.

    Other areas you might be interested in (if you want to relate to your trade) is working in the BCP which is pretty much more of the above.

    Then again you could chuck the sigs and get on the guns, great laugh, not too hard (mentally that is) and good for promotion.

    Consider yourself lucky you are given a choice, I was pretty much told what I was going to do, no arguing
  3. Cheers....

    Been around the guns a few times and I must admit, I like it.....

    But, I really like the inf. type stuf that I've been told the OP will cover?