Artist in residence - US Marines in iraq

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Cabarfeidh, Jan 23, 2006.

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    M Fay's blog - some excellent pictures and drawings here. The WO is the official war artist and is adding stuff every day.
  2. he doesnt get paid for that does he?
  3. The photos are really breathtaking and the drawings capture the essence of the situation in a quite unique way.
    How obscene and sad that an artist with such singular abilities is being used to record scenes of war!

  4. Most of you know that I would fit his 'anti-war' progressive liberal description but I think he has captured the essence of what frustrates me with the US and increasing the UK debate about Iran/Iraq etc...

    I hope that I try not get stuck in 'retrogressive groves'

    Link to that Blog Page... Sound Bloke perhap we should invite him to be an honory 'Arrser'

    Edited to get the essence of thoughts into my post...
  5. J_D

    J_D LE

    WOW those pictures are stunning.

    I love photography and have to say he captures the energy!
  6. Only prelim sketches at the moment, would be interesting to see the finished articles
  7. Hey lads, thanks for taking notice of the humble scratchings of a Yank, and an Irish one at that. Warrant Officer Michael Fay USMCR
  8. The photo of the iraqi ammo is fantastic - Very simple, but also very poignant.
  9. MDFay, great "humble scratchings" - nice one.
    Err ...(coughs), one minor point,
    <puts Sapper hat on>:
    Might want to (if there is a next time) tell the fella watching the Sapper conducting route clearance that he's standing too close! (Hang on, where were YOU when you scatched this?).....
    Seriously, congrats again, good luck with the finished versions.

    Tread safe
  10. Good stuff. Thumbs up.
  11. Good work there Warrant Officer.

    Show these Limeys something to bare their yellowed teeth about.
  12. I'm sure that WO Fay will treat this attempt to provoke with the same contempt as UK members.
    You are beginning to become an annoying little tick American Dominion....... not enough to disturb my inner wa and cosmic harmony, not enough to even furrow my brow, but enough for me to register the fact that you have the potential to equate to something unpleasant on the sole of my fook off, theres a good chap.
  13. As stated on other threads, this juice of turd is not American and is probably a scummy journo-reptile. The above remarks ref our fondness for anti-scurvy requisites and our allegedly off-white dental state goes slightly against it's original post where it claimed to be an officer an a gentleman....
    It is close to a new set of mod-awarded medals, methinks. Roll on.
  14. Darling: Are you sure this is what you saw Blackadder?

    Blackadder: Absolutely. I mean there may have been a few more armament factories, and [looks sideways at George] not quite as many elephants, but...
  15. Gentlemen, I have nothing but admiration for you Brits, however should anyone post a disparaging remark about the Frogs, well that would be another matter entirely.