Artist gets £4000 to pretend to be a dead soldier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex_ex, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Did someone say this country couldn't get any worse?

    Scum story
  2. I hope he doesn't expect a visit from Tony Blair.
  3. Really? I'm sure the homeless soldiers who lay on the streets night after night, month after month would appreciate four grand! :x
  4. Earning £4000 for a week of lying in a street somewhere? Wow. There are homeless people who'd be willing to do it for a fraction of that cost.

    NB:does anyone recognise the RMP-ness of his beret?
  5. Well said Bossy...

    Still not sure about your Avtar!
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    What total bollux!

    The heading "art" seems to be a permanent license to squander cash on obscure weirdo ideas that some w@nker thinks is worth public money. Who approves this sh1t in terms of spending priority? I am sure there are more constructive ways of using 4k. Tossers!
  7. If you can't beat the system, then join it. I bet you could get a hefty grant for:

    Gathering up homeless soldiers, kiting them out and laying them along a road. Each with a grave stone for each British service man who has lost his or her life in Iraq or Afganistan.
    I suggest Downing st for a location.
    All profits to charity.
  8. Can't wait until kicking out time on saturday night!

    He'll get no amount of abuse from the pissheads and drunkards. :D
  9. £4000 to lie like this and he couldn't even be bothered to get CS95/Desert kit.

    Surprised his beret is not out in front of him trying for some extra cash, he only got £4000 for the week after all FFS. If I saw him lying there I would have thought homeless.

    If the Arts Council have a bit of cash to spare I have a few ideas and may even be slightly more competitive than this bloke.

    Sure this very fine bunch could have found a better use for the cash:

    Will probably go on to sue council for getting joint pain lying on a cold pavement........................
  10. E-mail address of Chief Executive of Arts Council should be ... (assuming same protocol adopted throughout the organisation)

    Who's going to be first to complain?
  11. If you are going to complain, be polite and show respect in your correspondence.

    Even if some fool at the Arts Council didn't.. The Chief Exec doesn't say where the money goes in every single case if at all , and for all we know, he may be damned embarrassed and sympathetic this morning.

    So please be polite, and point out just what a blatant act of folly , disrespect and pure malicious intent this must be, to happen so soon after Remembrance Sunday.

    I imagine this artist decided to blight the Brumopolis with this 'performance art' because he was afraid of a kicking in London?

    Got news for you Mr. Artist , here they'll let their dog cock a leg first then kick you in the head.

    This isn't Art , this is Anti Military.

    ******* Clownshoes

    I'll be phoning the Lord Mayor , and the Deputy leader of Birmingham Council in the next 10 minutes.
  12. Dear Mr Hewitt

    I notice in the media this morning a piece on the installation art "Dead Soldier" in Birmingham, receiving £4000 of taxpayer funding.

    Given the recency of the Armistice commemorations and Remembrance this is both in pitifully poor taste and, at a time of excessive stretch in military deployments overseas, such a piece of "art" is entirely disrespectful both to those who gave their lives in the wars of the 20th century and those who continue to give their lives (including, as you may have noticed, on Sunday November 12th).

    In light of the above, one can only suspect this blatant act of disrepect and utter folly on the part both of the artist as an individual and the Arts Council corporately is intended to cause offence. Perhaps you'd care to comment on the reason why you feel this necessary?

    It would also be of interest to learn who authorised this disbursement of these funds and the intellectual / artistic logic applied to the decision. In the interests of the artists' human rights, has anyone considered the possible personal security implications of his actions?

    As a recently retired Army officer, I look forward with interest to your reply.

  13. I notice John has already commented, so I imagine the council is already aware, but I have placed a call to Councillor Tillesley.

  14. Unbelievable, although in this world gone mad, maybe not.

    Surely the Arts Council must be held accountable to someone for this blatant dis-tasteful waste of money. Not knowing much about the Arts, is this another one of labour's ideas?

    In addition to contacting the City Council etc, does anyone in Birmingham fancy tracking him down in order to point out the disrespect and to ask local MP John Hemming to actually do something?
  15. John is busy all day (State opening of Parliament). I'm trying to get through to the Deputy Leader.

    Though I think the press would rather have a quote from someone in the Army , or indeed the RBL.