Discussion in 'REME' started by Crustypants, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. Just want to find out why most artisans have a hatred for artificers; is is because they have either never been selected for artificer training, failed PAAB, or left it too late to go down that route? I personally could not give a monkeys either way.
  2. Who cares?
  3. If you don't care, then why ask?
  4. Have i heard this question before?
  5. Having known loads of Artisans in the past I dont think the majority of us are bothered, its just BANTER, you do get the Old crusty whining ones but thats the same with everywhere in life. Same as when Ive been with the Wedges, Planks, Tankies, Rag and Shag, Snakes, Canon Fodder etc etc. My personnel reason why I never attempted it was firstly not knowing about Artificer training for my frst 5 years, then when i did decided it wasn't for me then Options for change kicked in. Even though pushed a lot after that to do it from loads of bosses it never appealed to me and I have loved the job of a mechanic (which I joined up as). Never even attempting PAAB I would be a hypocrite to say Tiffies are w*nkers and mean it.......I have respect for them and young Tiffies on first tours who I have helped over the many years when their Artisan Stripey have given me the mutual respect back...same as some lads I know who got their HNDs lately and in the last 12 months....Ive at least 6 of my old Full screws who have or nearly completed their Tiffy courses recently and all of them Im chuffed to bits for and told them so (but will still call them Tiffy W*nkers jokingly to there faces). Good on them and I have advised a few of them to go that route...........Regret that i didnt do it....sometimes thinking of the money and most my mates are either AQMS, ASM or Commissioned now...but on the whole NO as i have loved my time in the REME as a mechanic on the ground spannering and knowing what I can pass to the Tiff to get back on the shop floor whilst there spending hours on Prod meetings etc...
    And to the dozen or so Tiffy w*nkers on ARRSE who know me go and fetch me a coffee whilst i do the work.
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  6. I would say that back in the day, Folk who went Tiffy where people that where "Managers" and had ambitions in that direction, post HM Forces.
    I knew some outstanding Tiffs, I also knew some wasters and I do not use that word lightly.
    The Old System Demanded 'Pot Arts' from OC's LAD and folk who wanted to be leaders played up to the demand.
    I was baffled some time ago when I read on the Board that there where even WO II Artisans.
    Times certainly change.

    "Just want to find out why most artisans have a hatred for artificers;"

    'Hate' ya don't know the meaning of the word. If ya have ta ask the question.
  7. just about sums this thread up, Met some good ones , met some bad ones, met the occasional outstanding one. same goes for artisans. But I'm still going to call them all ******* as well
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  8. You will be even more suprised to learn that there are now some WOI Artisans.
  9. Six munfs a gow eye kudent even spel arrtifisir, now i r wun.

    Tiffies, bunch of pasty faced cock suckers, *******.
  10. Fail the PARB did you, not jealous at all are we?
    There explains the difference between Artisan and Artificer. One has the mental intelligence to become a supervisor in trade and the other has the mental intelligence to become a bitter twisted Regimental Duties wallah, with a massive chip on his shoulders.
  11. See what happens when us adult Artisans are nice to the Tiffies, little kids from both sides have to come in and start abusing us all. PG I would of thought better from you....go to the back of the classroom till you can behave, No Duff go and use your crayons in the corner.
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  12. bet they are really scared of you, as they count their wages...
  13. Much as i hate to admit it, but i've got loads of respect for the AQ i work for. Someones got to write all that policy crap that we have to live by nowadays.
  14. Tiffy Vs Artisan
    VM(A) Vs VM(B)
    Armr Vs Gun Bunnies (Feckin losers!) :)
    RD V's Storemongs
    Recy Mech Vs reflection in mirror
    Air Tech Vs Avionics
    Everyone Vs every type of Tech ever! (Especially them dirty lazy Inst Techs!) :)
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  15. Actually some were. :wink:

    Money isn't everything.