Artisans..More Cash & Promotion & a lot less grief

Sick of the lack of promotion prospects and being on low pay band? :-/ Miffed at working your arrse off for the good and benefit of all bar yourself?....The solution?....Volunteer for the digitisation posts that the Corps are currently being asked to fill then immediately transfer to The Royal Signals upon completion of the short 3 month course at Blandford.  The Bleeps will then transfer your pay to the high band at the same level you are on now (worth approx £300 a month ;D) and they will consider you for promotion without you arranging for the RQMS to meet with a tragic accident.  Even if you are approaching the end of 22 yrs...they will extend your service without question.  

This is not a misguided attempt to sell the Bleeps, but perhaps a method of pointing out to the policy directors of REME that loyalty will only stretch so far especially when it continues to rate its skilled Artisans along side infantry CQMS's :eek:......I personally didnt want to leave the Corps  :'( , but they eventually left me with no choice. Now I have more money,  have a chance to be promoted, not expected to achieve miracles without the resources and no longer take work home. I also have no need to listen to clueless individuals who spent 18 months working out how to fit a cribb sheet onto the back of a ruler and taking credit for others effort :mad:.


At last - somewhere useful to put non-tiffies.  
Beats going RQMS role - and keeps you from poisoning the minds of our young, bright go getters. :p

If you're bright enough, you don't need crib sheets ;)  That's why we got band 7 8)
'Young, bright go getters'? Is that Tiffy speak for 'Oi...sprog...go get me a coffee?' ;)


Got it in one ;D
They don't trust me with men now, had a fitter section but it's just me & the AESPs now :-/  


;D ;D ;D.  Nige, will you require a nice jumper to keep yourself warm? ;D
Ahhh the AESP ploy...punishment for being on Band 7 before pay cut 2000 (at least Dick Turpin had the decency to stick a gun in yer face before robbing you)


Hi Treebeard, no jumpers mate - just turn the radiators up now :)

Wibbley - aye  they got me on the books again - nearly 4 bleedin years off me course and I've had to lead and manage men for about 5 months.  The level 5 maths has really helped - NOT! :mad:

Still, loads of dosh for getting bored & drinking coffee gets my vote 8)


By the way - back on thread for a second, I do really reccomend people look around outside the Corps, much as I love it, it does not love us.  
I was told I couldn't go Tiffy so I looked at Int Corps, unfortunately no spaces at the time.
Australia is my current 'project', over there I will get to do my job - not be a book manager.
Go for what you fancy, worst that can happen is you get a tablet & soldier on.  
Of course if you're happy where you are, good on you.
Tiffy is good, but sex is better ;D

Best of luck down under.....every man to a T that has experienced it has thoroughly enjoyed it...and been sorry to come back.  :'(......But I do hope you are going to earn you pay for a change  ;)
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