Artisan - help or hinder

Discussion in 'REME' started by warpdriveengaged, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. We have 2 Artisans in our unit and thank god 1 is leaving soon (hooray)

    why is it that those who get selected and promoted to SSgt become one of 2..........:


  2. Maybe worse than that is the fact that our WSM (staffy really) couldnt wait to bubble our tiffy for missing an appointment...
    Cant beat teamwork i guess
  3. Artisans are the way forward... and everyone should aspire to be one.

    .....sits back and awaits incoming....
  4. Artisans are the backbone of REME imho, most Artisans don't choose not to be a tiffy If you fail PAAB then its not meant to be.

    Also can you imagine Tiffies on the shop floor giving out trade advice? Our tiffiy tries to all the time and just gets in the bloody way!!

    Tiffies should know their the office making notice boards and doing the WEAR.
  5. Now I'm here in Aus, I have seen another dimension to the Tiff/Artisan thing.
    We (RAEME) don't have the divide. Once you are Sergeant, in order to become a WO (No SSgts either) you attend promotion courses (similar to CLM) one of the RAEME specific courses is called Subject 4. Once you complete this you are an Artificer. Simple.
    No PAAB, ASCLB or 18 months out of the field force (Course is 3 months I believe).
    The Artificer isn't then just left to run the fitter section, he is also the Logistic Troop commander, so he looks after the SQMS element too. He often fills in as Acting SSM too if required.
    Oh, and not many graphs are produced either, there's bloody work to be done.
    Having been a Tiff in UK and seen the Tiffy here, I am more than impressed with the standards.
    Maybe REME could learn a thing or two from it's little brother...
  6. Nige,

    Can you feel an article for the (British) Craftsman coming on?

    Go on... dare you!

  7. Nige,
    Have you been made to pay for any embelishments yet? like rank slides, nice green trousers and special jumpers
  8. Do you get an Aussie cavalry string vest perhaps?!! Those guys down under are renowned for the fashion after all!

    On a serious note, sounds like the grass is greener Nige, congrats.
  9. Matregs - I have purchase some items of uniform, no silly jumpers though! The good thing is it is all tax deductable so the government pay in the end. You seem to have me at an advantage sir!

    sparky, I do have a green string vest, they are worn for PT - well, it's more like aertex (remember that?), again tax deductable and very cool (not in a fashion sense) in the hot weather here.

    Litotes, I may submit an article soon, but there are way too many POMs here as it is :)
  10. Artisan v Artificer, an age old argument that I dont care to be involved in, however as being from the REAL blackhand trade I thought I would enter this little quote from the dictionary. :lol:


    Noun, a skilled worker who makes things by hand.

    Derivatives artisanal adjective.

    Origin - French, from the Latin artire ' INSTRUCT IN THE ARTS'.
  11. And from the other side


    Directory > Words > Dictionary ar·tif·i·cer (är-tĭf'ĭ-sər)

    A skilled worker; a craftsperson.

    One that contrives, devises, or constructs something: “The labyrinth . . . was built by Daedalus, a most skillful artificer” (Thomas Bulfinch).

    The noun Artificer has 3 meanings:

    Meaning #1: someone who is the first to think of or make something
    Synonyms: inventor, discoverer

    Meaning #2: a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
    Synonyms: craftsman, artisan, journeyman

    Meaning #3: an enlisted man responsible for the upkeep of small arms and machine guns etc.
    Synonyms: armorer, armourer
  12. One that contrives, devises, or constructs something: “The labyrinth . . . was built by Daedalus, a most skillful artificer” (Thomas Bulfinch).

    I remember Daedalus, one of my Crafties. I opened his PotArt book and introduced him to Tiffy Training Sessions. Met him again just after he got his AQMS.....gave me 5 extras......."Thanks for that course" he said. AH, happy days.........
  13. welcome back warpdrive, glad to see you are still working with blunt tools.
    either take him for a drive in the snow or get out the 5 litre plastic can.
  14. I heard it is the Artisans who keep the tiffies in the ground!
  15. we had a certain artisan vm in 6 armd,some of you probably remember him he was a legend,saw him at the army-navy game a few years ago and he,s still on top form.artisans ARE the backbone of the wksps because lets face it the tiffys don,t pocess this vital exponent. :wink: