Artillery Warfare 1939 – 1945

Clearly artillery played a major part in the Second World War and, like every weapon system, evolved rapidly with advances in engineering, manufacturing, communications and tactics. Calibres and barrel lengths (and thus payload and ranges) increased, yet somehow Wehrmacht heavy artillery remained largely horse drawn. There is surely a fascinating tale to be told.


Unfortunately this book is not it. It comprises a huge number of pictures, extracts from manuals, memories from some artillerymen and diagrams of how some gun crews were arranged. What it lacks is any central thread, any sense of narrative, and context and any real explanation of the complexities of developing artillery warfare to meet the requirements of the highly mechanised operations in Europe or the more challenging conditions of the Burma and Pacific campaigns. There is little by way of introduction and, tellingly, no conclusion.

It’s awful; save your £25.

½ a mushroom.


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