Artillery- wanting to transfer to DENTAL CORPS- HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by robynhoodrules, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Well im 19 years of age and i have done 2 years in the artillery, i have not long ago returned from my first tour (op telic 12) i had a very exciting tour... but its there where you are doin your job day in day out, and i have realised that it isnt the job for me, i have been looking into the medical side of the army and i feel that i would be able to further my army career within the Dental Corps, if anyone would like to help me out please feel free, i just want a lil info on it and info on how to deal with my transfer?
  2. Have you got the right qualifications for the job you want to transfer to in the dental corps? You might not be eligible.

    You need to speak to your RCMO about a transfer who might not be that co-operative. I was attached to 19 guns and the RCMO tended to be a bit evasive to try and stop the lads signing off. Or am I just being cynical and he was he just too busy too see them?
  3. Speak with your RCMO or alternatively contact the RADC HQ in Aldershot.
  4. Yes i have all the quals, just wanted a lil ifo before i go official
  5. What would the RADC for me?
  6. What could you bring to them? Is the question they will probably ask.
  7. Ok thanks, Well i could bring propbably all the wrongs thing to be honest i work on guns at the mo- so gunna be totally different workin on teeth. But im very hard working and willing to learn everything about the job in question... thats why i need ppls advice n info
  8. My mate was a 14 year full screw and re-badged.

    He dropped to LCpl but, has now got civvy quals and a job to 55 if he wants it.
  9. See thats all im lookin into now, the future and jobs on the outside i mean i know i have got a fair few years left but still plannin ahead and i just wanna get in and settled
  10. Teeth for the majority of those in the Dental Corps are like fast jets to the majority of the RAF, they know what they look like but never get to touch them.

    If you want to touch teeth (real teeth (legally)) youll need to get on a hygiene course once youre in, these courses are highly subscribed to so be prepared to slug it out in the jello-pit selection bouts.
  11. I remember standing at the back of my BC's office when one of my Gunners was marched in for interview and announced that he wanted to "join the medical corp Sir." My barely concealed smile turned to side hurting giggles when the BSM shouted in his broad Perthshire accent, "the only place you'll be goin' wi the fvckin medical corp is in the back of fvckin ambulance wi a blue flashing light on fvckin top sonny!"
  12. Did he go from putting up tents and humping boxes of shells to putting up tents and humping boxes of med stores?
  13. stayed as an ammunition number and enjoyed a tense relationship with the BSM thereafter. Bit of a dreamer to be honest..
  14. He'd have fitted in with the RAMC then, most CMTs dream that their box painting qualification is the equivilant of a Paramedic and theyll walk straight into a job 'on the rigs'. :D
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Or even an Education Centre in the ashes of the remains of BAOR. :D