Artillery to get higher pay band...Maybe!!

Well Ive heard recently through the chain of command that the command element of the Artillery may possibly be going to higher band later on this year or the beginning of next.Which means more money!!! ;D.This doesnt include the Strike or Logistic elements,they will stay on the lower scale.So at last we will get paid according to our jobs,which is what its all about!!!!!!!! isnt it???.......I know it makes me happier ;D
Since us in the Artillery were doubly burdened at the same time with Paycut 2000 and Crewman 2000 there is a few things that still havent filtered down to the soldiers who need to know.

The assessment of RA trades is a four stage event over a period of years.  The first being upon pay 2000s inception where certain trades were earmarked to be higher band automatically.  The rest are to be looked at and given the pay according to what the result of the assessment is.  Locating has just finished and done very well.  ACS is being assessed this year and will most probably moved to the higher rate.   Logistics and Strike will be assessed next year and the outcome cannot be judged at this early stage.

Whatever way you look at it this was a cost cutting exercise by someone as i will not believe that it was circumstance that made both the changes come in at the same time.  Even if temporary the savings over 4 years will be millions.  This has left many soldiers feeling disheartened with the system in one when cost cutting is seen as more important than investing it into soldiers (because we should be viewed as such).

Also this may lead to a extreme lack of personnel trained in more technical posts the reasoning being why should they do a 16 week ACS course when they could do for example Basic UAV course (6 weeks??) or similar and earn more money .  It used to be worth doing things like CPA as you got more money, obviously you had to be able to pass the course first.  Money is what runs the Army now and hope fully the assessors will get it right.     UBIQUE...

Leeanne, i can see that your corps has been affected by pay 2000 also. Although ours has slightly more complications attached to its implementation.  You can feel free to tell us on here about the problems that have affected the RLC.   This is a Gunners board though and this is a big concern for many people in it so please make sense.    Plus you didnt have to reply to this thread you know.  :mad:
I'm Ex Guns - and new make computers go beep!

Gunners do have some very technical and high-risk equipment.  I worked on a pay review once and it all seemed to work on how much responsibility you had, and also if somebody was watching over you.  An example is the Gnr Sigs, what were the consequences if he/she messed up?  Pretty big, also could he/she work without a double checker - yes, that therefore gave Band 2.  

I know the scalies have also been hit, I work with many Techs who are on lower rate.  Now this is not time to compare against other corps as we are all valuable, but a SSgt Tech on lower rate?   These guys have spent up to two years trade training and have very attractive prospects in civvi st, however they were assessed as supervisors and it was deemed they usually had a boss to double check and very little hands on as they were "managing" - therefore they got low rate!!!!

I still regard the RA as one of the most professional arms of the Army and if the Infantry get higher, well so should the RA.


PS - Leanne - try to be constructive in your views.
and so opens a can of worms...........

GQ, I think you must mean Targetting when you write Locating, sounds similar but the OPs may resent being grouped with blokes who listen to microphones and pilot model aircraft!  Targetting pay did move up to the higher band on 1 Apr and rightly so.  Of all the jobs the OPs have some of the hardest tasks and work largely independently (not to mention having to put up with the Infantry and Cav all the time).  I feel sure the ACS review will result in them also being paid the higher rate also, again fair pay for fair work.

Going back a stage, all but the most Senior of Officers accept Pay 2000 was a cost cutting exercise and in these days of growing numbers of single mothers, crowded hospitals and liberal do-gooders more botherd about rights than responsibilities, cuts to HM Forces are unfortunately inevitable.  Better to arrange the cuts this way than by chopping a few Regiments here and there or cancelling the next equipment programme/upgrade.  Comments?

As for the Gun Line, the AFPRB compared their job to what an Infantry Sgt does and came up with the conclusion he has more autonomy and responsibility - which is true up until the point a Battery depoys to NI for 6 months and the whole argument falls down...

Unhappy we may be with Pay 2000 but me thinks it is here to stay.  No one has had a pay cut, its just our future earning potential has been reduced.  The current reviews will hopefully win back some pay for certain trades, thus making them more popular.  (Still, there  always was a shortage of blokes on the OPs!)

Quo fas et Gloria Ducunt      ;)
Ahh     the power of moderation.      Yellow  could you pass the word of this website throughout your regiment.  We need more of the Senior Regiment (Right of the line second to none on here)
Am doing my best GQ but as you pointed out elsewhere, it's a case of big fingers and small keys.
I think any "review" carried out by accountants was always likely to be bad news for some... I have hated the way we have been treated, not only ACS but RA in general - I have come very close to sacking it for good.

The AF pay board didn't have a lot to do with it, it was the JSJET (Job Evaluation Team) who were Green people but were supplied with a list of questions and sent round to the Units cos they would be more credible than a bunch of f+'kin* civvies.

Unfortunately (surprise) the questions related to civvy management criteria of personnel and did not look at technical aspects at all... So the Inf did well cos not surprisingly they have a lot of toms that need managing (as well as a recruiting and retention problem).

We did not (like the R Sigs or other tech pers) cos we are weapon platform based and inherently technology based which provides a different answer to the question of how many soldiers do you intimatley manage?

Inf: 8     RA: 3 or 4 (or whatever at whichever level)

The Inf win every time.

And no, I wasn't JSJET - I just saw the questions for what they were - farsical.

I am in an all arms team and have been for a while (18 mths), I'm on a low rate (and sick as f=@k) and the only one of 10 others of the same rank.

Junior members have been posted in to do the same job and have been less qualified and they have gone straight to high rate because of their cap badge. They are earning around £7 - £10 more than this 2nd class RA bloke.

Don't tell me about fairness. I'm gonna shut up now cos I'm depressed... merry christmas and I hope we all get a pressie next April.  Bah Humbug!
Yelloe Dog...nice one! Probably the most concise and informed opinion I've seen about Pay 2K in any forum.  ;D
It wasn't all about how many toms you managed, there were other aspects such as consequence of error and  responsibility.  If it was all about how many toms you were responsible for, how come a fair few RSM's across all capbadges earned less than their BSM's/CSM's/SSM's? P2K was cr*p all round, it was nothing less than a cost saving exercise masterminded by our new lords and masters - accountants.
The strike element of air defence are on higher pay scales bad luck to the command and loggies they stay on the lower
Well Cpl Joe im glad youre so smug about your pay!! I cant wait until the Pay board realise how much money theyre wasting on the strike boys!  :eek:

We all groan about Pay 2000, and so we should! you cant tell me that a LBdr in the Royal Regiment deserves more money than a Sgt!.

Maybe all the Sgts out there should get bust or hand in theyre rank. It wont matter as they will get paid more as Bdr/LBdr!!

This system has to be complete cack!! The Sgt who may sometimes be the Fire Group commander and is therefore in charge of all the dets and personnel in it!, gets less money than the snotty nosed Bdr who merely commands his detachment!

Somebody please tell me what the F**K is going on???? :mad:

I wont get started on the ACS boys just yet ill leave it for another time. ;D

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