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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Sentinel89, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. I have just received my pack from the artillery inviting me to a potential officers course. The problem is that it states in rather scary red lettering that "potential officers should ideally have already attended the ASOB Briefing", and my briefing is booked for August. Should I therefore delay going on my POC until after my briefing? I am more or less 100% on going into the artillery after Sandhurst and so would like to make sure I do everything right with them from the start.

    Before you all say it, yes I have searched and cannot find an answer on here, yes I am trying to call them right now, and yes I am also trying to get in contact with my ACA, but I literally got the letter in my hands an hour ago and no one is answering the phone at the moment.

    Also, any information anyone has on artillery POC courses would be greatly appreciated as the information I have been given so far is very light on details!
  2. It was in the mists of time (well 1990) when I went on mine but I did do it before pre-RCB. The one thing that sticks in the mind is getting lashed up in the YO's bar & then being ejected from bed at some ungodly hour for a beasting.

    It later transpired that the beasting was an unofficial one, administered by members of the YO's course, and not on the programme at all. Flaming Gunners...
  3. Calm down, look at the time, they may just be enjoying lunch.

    Note the wording: "ideally", this does not mean "it is compulsory".

    In short I'd wait a bit then call them again. When is the course? I'd only start getting itchy if it starts on monday.
  4. Plenty of time, I am hoping to go to the one on the 28th of July.

    I assure you I am merely eager to get the ball rolling towards my dream career, not nervous. I agree it does say "ideally" but I would rather be the one that came to the POC and did not cause them a bunch of annoying paperwork or something along those lines, that is all I am thinking. I would rather stand out for good things not bad.
  5. How old are you?

    They tend to run 1 day short visits for people pre-university or just at university and then 3 day visits a little later, I went on the 1 day visit before briefing if I recall and then the 3 day after main board.

    It's no big drama, normally quite a big group. Which visit is it, 1 day or 3 day?
  6. I am 21 and have just finished a degree, and its the 3 day potential officer course. Since you have done both days, any tips switchback? Especially since it seems I wont have the experience of a briefing or a board going in.

    As I said the information I have been given so far is very light. It seems I have not made it passed the 'pretty pamphlet' stage with lots of pictures of people smiling in clean uniforms skiing and such, I hope that is not what its like! I was sort of hoping to fight in a war or two instead.
  7. As a former host of these visits, I can tell you how they used to go (admittedly around six years ago, but I cannot imagine they have changed too much).

    You'll have a couple of presentations on the RA, their role in the wider army and operational commitments. An opportunity for a Q & A session, and you'll go out onto the plain to see a gun position (L118 Light Gun, AS90 or both, depending on the shoot). A few loud bangs, possibly working as one of the gun numbers. You'll see Air Defence & Depth/STA stuff held by 1st Battery.
    Possibly a light Assault Course or bit of PT - nothing to worry about, it's a look at life, not the final assessment - and dinner in the Mess. All the YO's will host you for drinks, get you drunk then try to seduce any attractive females in the group.

    Hope this helps :)
  8. As dropshortjock says, absolutely nothing to worry about.

    It's a good three days and very useful for finding out about the RA.

    From memory we had:

    Lectures on the role of the RA, regimental life etc from two Captains hosting the visit.

    Bit of group sports in the gym.

    Interview with the Recruiting officer.

    Nice formal dinner, followed by night in the YO mess which was nice to chat to some guys just out of RMAS.

    A beasting round the Assault course in teams which was actually pretty good fun, if somewhat lungbursting!

    We had a chance to meet quite a few soldiers down on the gun park where they very patiently explained to us how all the various bits of kit worked, and then for me one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Salisbury Plain to see the GMLRS in action (although I think they are limited to firing training rounds only in this country).

    Don't worry about it, they are looking at you but there wasn't lots of pressure most of the stuff was pretty straightforward and enjoyable!
  9. A few presentations on the Gunners, assault course and some fun team phys such as basketball, a bit of a fancy dress party in the YOs Mess and an interview. As well as a day on the 'plain seeing the guns in action and chatting to the soldeirs. All in all a good visit.

    Yup. Just seen the above post.
  10. Thank you everyone, that is exactly what I needed. I cannot wait to get face to face with a few YOs and get the inside take of things.
  11. Don't join the planks - really, I know.. :soldier: Go for RTR if you want large calibre..!
  12. I have put armoured down as my second choice, my only worry is I will spend all my time training in a challenger 2 to fight the Russians, to then re-roll into a Viking or worse a WMIK when it actually comes to a deployment. The worst I have seen for the Artillery is switching to the 105, from the AS90, now that I can handle.
  13. The worst? 105s are fantastic guns - robust, manouvreable, and can be fixed with a hammer, spanner & can-do attitude. The AS90? Not so much...
  14. RTR are on Warthog at the moment...or so I was told at the FAM visit recently
  15. Just as bad, if it was a Challenger 2 or a Mastiff 2 I would not mind, but anything more flimsy and it just doesnt sound like fun to me, I would rather be on foot and not in an IED magnet.