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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by CMD40, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've been searching the internet, and cannot find out which trades in the Royal Artillery are high and low band pay scales. Can anyone tell me pls.

  2. If you can get on the Defence Intrenet, type in JSJET and it will come up, if you can not get on, if you PM me then I can let you know tommorow night as I have a copy in my office.
  3. Is the surveyor RA in a survey troop still the highest paid gunner?
  4. Sorry to break this to you mate but the survey trade is no more!
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  5. Thanks for making a fat old man feel even fatter and older!!
  6. Sorry Mate! :)
  7. No Problem,
    Im recalling th heady days of the 80,s when i was a Gunner on Band 3 class 1 pay, or as the Gun Bunnies of 5 Battery called it "Band lots, Class oodles" I used to hate mixing wth the poor people!!!
  8. We still teach survey to some of the disciplines but its just not a specific trade anymore, mores the pity.

    So dont feel too bad, survey is still alive and well but no one gets paid for it.
  9. For syledis: You be glad to know there are a still a few of us still about.
    All Svy sections (22 / 57) were formed into 1 Tp Mid 98. Div Svy Tp was in Q/HQ Bty 5 Regt RA but the axe fell by 2004 - we were still on the higher band on that sad day!
  10. I used to love tapping my nose knowingly when people asked what was that thing on the roof of my landrover (50ft mast!)
  11. CMD40 As requested

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  12. Thanks for the Reply.
  13. Just looked at that doc, just wondering something, why are most RE trades on the higher pay pand untill ssgt then it gos to lower and back upto higher at WO2?
  14. #
    Thank you, Caerwyn, but I am not convinced that is the latest version. If you look at the Gunners, you can't get past SSgt.... other than in two trades. That can't be correct, surely!

  15. The heading say's it's 2009, I did not change it.