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Artillery or Logistics

I've passed my BARB and have been told to pick three trade options, and im stuck on my No1 being either Artillery Logistcs Drive, RLC Driver or Gunner Special Observer, any help would be great.

Thanx !!!!
Given the struggle you are obviously having with spelling artillery, I suggest that a life munching on a yorkie bar behind the wheel of a big truck beckons!
Gunner Special OP?

If they really said that, then go for that option. You can always drive lorries when you're old and fat, but Special OP is a heck of a first step to be offered.
Well Maidstone kid we've been offered pretty much the same jobs lol. I was offered a few but i picked these 3 trying to decide. RLC Pioneer, Royal Artillery Light Gun, Royal Artillery Gunner Special Observer.

P.s I live about 8 miles away from you. :)

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