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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by cdt_parker, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. hi guys, basically i would like to join one of these two units but i am totally undecided so could anyone give me any opinions of these two and also good points bad points of the jobs (if i was in the artillery i would like to be a light gun/as90 gunner, an op assistant or gunner special observer) i dont know which forum to put this in so i will put it in infantry and gunners so hopefully there is less bias. thanks

  2. oh dear here we go......
  3. whats that supposed to mean?
  4. What sort of question is this :?

    'cos it's a tough one :roll:

    If you need to ask, then I would suggest that you are made for the infantry :wink:
  5. Are gunners dead brainy then? innit.
  6. Just the ones who didn't transfer across from para reg.
  7. Gunners tend to have a live brain, a dead brain is of no use :p
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    Pity they don't use them often then. :lol: :wink:
  9. Thats why we spend a lot of our time in here obviously.. :roll: :lol:
  10. Use them ? 8O Everyone knows that if you use it, you wear it out :D
  11. Cdt Parker, you're options for the Gunners are a bit too varied. If you want to go to a Gun regt as a gun number (IE a member of a gun detachment) it is going to be Light Gun or AS90. If you do this you will go down what is now known as the Strike route. You cannot go to an OP or special OP (Targeting route) straight from Basic Training. You have to do either signalling, guns or driving at Phase 2. Once in your regt, decide what you want to do. If you know now and it's the OP then ask to be a signaller at Phase 2. You have to be one before you can get onto an OP course. The bottom line is if in doubt...ask
  12. Trades available in the Gunners: Gunner Artillery Command Systems (available in all regiments incl para/cdo), Gunner Artillery Logistics (available in all regiments incl para/cdo) Gunner AS90, Gunner High Velocity Missile (incl para option), Gunner Light Gun (incl para/cdo option, Gunner Multiple Launch Rocket System, Gunner Naval Gunfire Observer (only available after in service selection)Gunner Observation Post Assistant (incl para/cdo option), Gunner Phoenix Operator, Gunner Radar Operator, Gunner Rapier, Gunner Sound Ranger, Gunner Special Observer, Mounted Gunner.

    Trades available in the Infantry - Combat Infantryman...........err that's it, although as we all know from the adverts you can be air assault, armoured, light role or mechanised.

    Essentially variety is the great asset of the Artillery and contrary to what is said elsewhere, it is becoming easier to switch between trades if you don't like one. That said, if you want to be an infantry soldier you don't need to be worried about other trades focus solely on the aim being the best infantryman amongst your peers. Without opening the old debate once more Gunners do have 2 roles, their primary role being whatever gunner trade they are trained in and their secondary role taking on traditional 'infantry' type roles in Peace Support/Enforcement type operations. Note we are not saying we are infantrymen, far from it, the infantry dedicate their whole life to becoming infantrymen, and they're bloody good at it - they are infantry soldiers, we are Gunners, period. But, this 'dual role' does give the Gunners even more variety.

    You can join all of the Gunner trades mentioned above direct from Phase 2 training (less for Gunner Naval Gunfire Observer) but you will have to complete conversion training for some of the trades once in your regiment.
  13. If it is really OP work you are interested in then join a decent Inf regiment, becomea signaller in the Recce Pl and then go to join the Special OP gunner boys. You will actually have some understanding of what you will be doing when you are in a hole s*itting in cling film for days on end.

    Of course if you don't fancy carrying 120lbs on your back for long distances at night accross horrible ground then join the gunners and go to war in an AS90.
  14. well, now you know what it meant, ie, here we go a lot of very amusing slagging on its way twixt the two disciplines :)
  15. thanks for the replies guys, what do soldiers in the army think of soldiers who come from AFC harrogate as that is the way i really would like to get into the army, so what are the general opinions of AFC soldiers (mostly in the infantry) and do they get any benefits, ie getting promoted quicker etc.