Artillery negligent discharges

Has anyone any funny stories about the guns having a shot neglect??

I have 3

1. 14 batttery letting rip with a rapier missile in the falklands in 1984 while we were still doing operational tours out of Kellys Garden!

2. 7 Cdo Bty missing Otterburn ranges completely!!

3. Not really one that counts but i was doing an air op with the USS Winston Churchill and when they went to fire one of the rounds the gun turned 45 degrees and sent a 90 llb lump of concrete towards Devon!! That after the Captain had assured me that the ship had the most accurate fire control system in the world. How i chuckled on return to the ship!!
Was in otterburn once on a look see with a regiment. First position was a dry deployment, second was going to be a live fire at the gun spur next to the cross roads just up from camp entrance. As I had done the uotc recce course two years previously , was attatched to the recce party. First deployment goes alright, really the first time I ever realised how its important to use wisdom of the experienced Snco. (uotc everyone has the same experience irrespective of command position on a ftx). Staffy saves the day and everything is well. BRO gets orders to move does his crest clearance, map recce, time est e.t.c. Get to the next position, he starts setting up his flags with them pointing on 3100mills which is what he was given in orders. Fails to realise that they are pointing at the camp, O'burn village and beyond, when the impact area is due north. Cue ocdt BAS jumping out of the wagon map and 6 inch protractor in hand shouting ''sir sir your going the wrong way''. Scary thing was the safety party hadn't noticed the mistake either. PSI had given a back bearing by mistake.
Theres a legendary story of a drone mishap by a Canadian Officer, story goes he was on a Long Look (or equiv) and wanted top do the drills on the back of the bedford, he forgot one of them (I'm not a droney so couldn't back that up) and when the drone was fired it was still attached to the launcher and dragged it down the road a few hundred feet before breaking free and, as legend has it, hit some Eric's roof

Have no idea if any of that is true
Who cares if its true i would have loved to see it welly. I was on my adv OP ack course at larkhill when they fired phoenix (fired phoenix????) and it went abit 200 feet and crashed and all you could hear amidst the stunned silence was the giggles of the two lads who launched it!!
Meiktila ...

Re the Rapier - was that the one where they were live firing on the beach just south of RAF Stanley, and almost took out the incoming Tristar?

Re the Midge - There used to be loads of stories about firing Honest John without unclamping the rocket. Not wholly unbelievable as the FP officer used to have to hare round setting cross wind drift etc just befor launch. There were so many pins & flags etc that forgetting one was always possible. Not heard a drone equivalent story. The launcher was much more complex with swinging arms etc...

Best HJ story I heard of was when 39 (i think) fired one in S. Germany on a US range. Forgot to remove clamp & rocket + launcher leaped 200m into a lake. Mucho red faces and hilarity with US onlookers. Several hours later recce crew pulls launcher from lake only to find it was a US one..!

Another HJ story was about the "flashbang" prac warhead. This had a number of concrete rings in it to make up the weight difference between the prac spotting charge and the "bucket of instant sunshine". Anyway.. the flashbang warhead did not always break up the concrete rings and on one occasion, the rings bounced out of the SPTA impact area & ended up in one of the villages...!

The oldies are always the best...
No HE they were doing morning T&A's and switched operatoers halfwa thru when the oncoming guy looked at the launcherhe thought the firing lines had been disconnected to the missiles and the test box connected. he carcked on wioth the drills and let one off into San Carlos water narrowly missing one of Her masjetys submarines. I was on stag on the other side of the water , saw what happend so rang my TSM who having been woken by a young gunner spoke without thinking abd told me to fire one back.
teo minutes lates as i'm sat there pondering wheter or not to obey the order my Number 1 comes tearing up from the admin area screaming standfast at me

Obviously the TSM had realised what he had just said to me lol
bit before my time exile i didnt go to poole till 89 however i would imagine we know some of the same people!
Rumour had it that a LANCE was once fired at classifies range by accident from Benbecula, and flew over the top of the Russian spy trawler that was sitting a few miles outside the danger area. The danger area if you only knew what the unclassified range of LANCE was ......
Harry J-What a good bloke.Met him when he spent time on my position in Dhofar,during the Cracker battery deployment.

Harry J was BSM when i turned up[/quote]
does a 9mm browning class as a negligent discharge? step forward one T.S.M 11 sphinx bty ,N.Ireland 74 with a pronounced limp...22 welsh gunners...didnt even get fined.....nice cover up...whereas when i let off a full mag at ghost i.r.a .......major
I seem to remember 30bty in the Hebrides mistaking the slip stream of a passenger jet for the target and firing at it only to see the smoke of the drone come on a few seconds later.
this may be true but time fades the memory and I may have dreamt it whilst pissed
ref the rapier in the Falklands, a certain Gunner was told to fit the TSLFC for Ts and As, but forgot and left the firing lines attached. So come firing tests, presses the fire button and woosh. Gunner panics and the No4 drags him out of the seat and manages to guide the missile into the sea. No4 gets busted and Gunner goes on to be a BSM in 12 Regt many years later (moral there somewhere).
Oh God !
Do you guys really have NDs with those things 8O
In my time I've heard stories of dropping short but a ND ! :?

26 are coming to us next week....should I move the Missus, Kids and Dogs or better still the Motor just in case now? :lol:

Range_Gopher said:
Oh God !
Do you guys really have NDs with those things 8O
In my time I've heard stories of dropping short but a ND ! :?

26 are coming to us next week....should I move the Missus, Kids and Dogs or better still the Motor just in case now? :lol:

Yes, but not for the reasons that you are thinking of!!!!!
Tazz thats one i mentioned in my original post!! so the black went on to
become a bsm!!!!
Not actually an ND, but Mrs FF had the job of driving to the Serb border in 2000 and asking for their Phoenix back!

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