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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by mas30518, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. I'm moving down to London from the north west soon, and was wondering what sort of trades they had in the RA? I'm in the Royal Signals right now, but as there's no Ptarmigan down there I thought a change wouldn't kill me.
  2. The Kings Tp if you like blowing horses, 16 Regt Air Defence but soon to move to thorney Island.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Regular or TA?
  4. Sorry, it's TA. I was looking at the unit in SE London
  5. 265 Bty of 106 Regt in Grove Park, Lewisham.
    They are a Rapier equiped Air Defence Bty. I'm sure that you would be welcomed with open arms in the CP or on a weapons platform.
  6. Try the HAC. The active unit has a Surveillance and Target Aqcuisition role and includes its own signal squadron. The active unit page is here. While the Sabre Squadrons go through some form of speaicl forces training, you would have the option of joining the signals Squadron and may have skills they might want.

    While the HAC is part of the Gunners, its also a bastard child of the Brigade of Guards and one of the best clubs in London. It used to be rather snooty and demanded that any member should be a "gentleman". But I don't think it is quite the same now. I served in the early 1990s and my Platoon included bookies, bus drivers and publicans as well as city professionals. The Serving unit seemed to include a lot of IT bods as well -so it can't be that snooty. ;) The HAC originally was an all ocfficer organisation providing the officers for the Trained Bands of Londopn - Battle Honours "The Armada" "Edgehill" etc. and so its members are Gentlemen with a common mess (Suttling room) except on annual camp. It is a marvellous antidote to the rest of British Military tradition.

    There is more to the HAC than the "active Unit" sand a chance to get involved in a lot of fun things. Here is a link to the HAC'sown page. Serving in the HAC exempts you from Jury service -thanks to Henry VIII.
  7. I might go for the HAC and see how it turns out; the Airborne Troop's a little too far for me though. The idea of doing something other than sitting in the back of a switch for hours seems rather appealing! Thanks for the advice
  8. had a patrol of these guys attached in Boz and Iraq...good lads
  9. Isn't one of the London Artillery units, Commando trained, as well?
  10. Was 289 Bty now just the troop in Romford as part of 266 Bty. Wait out on FAS changes to these units>
  11. Used to be 289 Cdo Bty, part of 29 Cdo Regt RA - but not for some years, and they are now part of 100 Regt, and about to adopt the para role. The Cdo role is just being given to 266 Bty (also part of 100 Regt) in Bristol - a bit closer to Plymouth than Romford! See the 100 Regt thread in the Gunner forum.
  12. 289 going Para.......full circle again then, they were para before cdo