Artillery during Op. Granby

Hi, a friend of mine has a presentation to do and wants to know which artillery units were supporting 7th Arm. Brigade during Op. Granby.

Thanks in advance


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I think you will find that nearly, if not all, units were involved in some way. We were stripped of man-power to make up other units to war strength for example.
Rarden_reaper said:
Ooh judging by your avatar, is this your way of saying you were out there but can't say what unit you were because of 'opsec' reasons? :roll:
Ermm nope!
32 Heavy absorbed most of 5 Heavy for Granby. M110's, dang - play it loud. Elements (Spec Op Bty's) of 5/32 were glued with 16/5 L to provide OP 'screens' to the north of the advance and generally cause mayhem...which was a damn interesting time. Took so many gold teeth......and mortgage though to worry about now.