Artillery during Op. Granby

Discussion in 'Iraq/Kuwait (Op GRANBY)' started by RustyH, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi, a friend of mine has a presentation to do and wants to know which artillery units were supporting 7th Arm. Brigade during Op. Granby.

    Thanks in advance


    (also posted in the artillery forum)
  2. msr

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  3. and so are you sir many thanks for the excellent link.
  4. 40 fd regt mate amongst other in the wider Granby community, but 40 were the Arty asset for 7 Bde
  5. I think you will find that nearly, if not all, units were involved in some way. We were stripped of man-power to make up other units to war strength for example.
  6. I was there too but not with 7th Arm Bde

    Hope that helps
  7. Ooh judging by your avatar, is this your way of saying you were out there but can't say what unit you were because of 'opsec' reasons? :roll:
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  8. Ermm nope!
  9. 32 Heavy absorbed most of 5 Heavy for Granby. M110's, dang - play it loud. Elements (Spec Op Bty's) of 5/32 were glued with 16/5 L to provide OP 'screens' to the north of the advance and generally cause mayhem...which was a damn interesting time. Took so many gold teeth......and mortgage though to worry about now.
  10. Let’s not forget 2nd field were there as well supporting the best rats - 4th armoured bde.
  11. Spanish_Dave

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    2nd Fd 2nd to none
  12. I do concur, couldn’t ask for a better bunch of blokes to go to war with.
  13. .........but 39 provided most of the effect.
  14. Ahhemm!! 40th Field Regt provided most of the kickass effect, specially Seringapatam Bty :p lol
  15. Mr Happy

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    So was it 40FR that was responsible for this cluster at the 35 second mark?

    (sorry for the re-start)
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