Artillery commando funny

Muttley FYI 40 Regt RA are definately not Cdo trained. Unless you count the fact that they are the Lowland Gunners and any Jocks they have are mainly weegies then they have done no amphib at all. Mind you getting them all in the same place sober is a big brucie bonus. :twisted:
How many extras for the crow who sent the video clip to the media?
Stag on son!
DoorBundle wrote:

How many extras for the crow who sent the video clip to the media?
Stag on son!

Don't know who sent the clip in but apparently it was the BK behind the camera.
Just to narrow it down further but I am reliably informed that it was 38 (Surgical Tampon), (By the way BK would you like to come and join us naked on the dance floor) Bty, 40 Regt RA (the No/lowlife gunners). :lol:
Took ages to down load, but pi88ed myself laughing in the end. Assured that it was not a set up just a very poor site recce, for an op that was never to happen luckily.
has anyone got the link for the clip as the one on the other page i have seen it atwork and cant get itoff the system any help would be greatfull as i am a commando gunner tthanks
You gonna watch it to get some tips from the professionals?
I seem to remember something about 42 Commando landing on the wrong beach and upseting tourists - the Royal Marines are far from infallible.
Damn, The file is not coming up. So who the heck are these guys where they really Commando's or another unit.

Take care, 2CB
40 regiment RA it was, and I doubt very much it was a serious attempt at creating an amphibious warfare unit, for one, why would arty be used in the trials when marines are an infantry unit. Don't ever trust that piece of rag they call a paper the mirror. Royal caused an international incident by assaulting a Spanish beach instead of one on Gibraltar, pretty much an act of invasion really when you think about it!? :p
SnakeBite said:
Laughed my ass off!!

And these gun bunnies slag off the AD!
with good reason as all you seem to be good for is prisoner handeling in the war zone.

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