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Iv got my barb test next week, i have to write down 3 trades id like. One of my choices was in the RE as a command, communications and info specialist. From the looks of it that job and the job of a Gunner artillery command system is quite alike. Am i correct in thinking so? What is the job about and would i actually be doing it out on operations? It comes across that most jobs in the Artillery arent used out in the mid east, everyones babysitting the ANA instead.

Sounds like a good job to fall back on if i dont do so well in the barb test.

RWG1 said:
It comes across that most jobs in the Artillery arent used out in the mid east, everyones babysitting the ANA instead
LOL! Errrmm...virtually every trade we have (apart from King's Tp!) is deployed on Op HERRICK right now, from Spec OP to GMLRS Launcher Commander; FST Commander to FAC; ACS to Arty Log, and everything in between. Same in Iraq (with the addition of CRAM).

As to baby-sitting the ANA - well, you could say the same about any of the primary Army capabilities we possess - and the ANA are part of the long-term solution in Afghanistan...
command comms syst op is sim to my 3rd choice which is c3 systems c3 engineer evan the same. trade training consists of engineering ie building n blowing up bridges mine sweeping learning to assemble camps ect.. u then have systems training where they teach u about there communication systems radio networks ect.. eng part last 10wks and the systs last i think 8 wks all at binley surrey
Yea i know artillery are all going out to iraq and afghan, but if you join up as a rapier or somthing, your never likely to shoot anything for real. Isnt it the same for trades like MLRS?

If you deploy as infantry for 6 months doesnt that put your career, as say an AS90 gunner, on hold?
Please read Proximos post again RWG. All strike systems are currently deployed in operational theatres. AD systems are slightly different although they have deployed in other roles so you would not miss out on a tour. With regards to your career being put on hold, any operational tour takes priority but you would have already been through your training cycle before this started.
I see, i thought they deployed but never got used because of the built up areas and the nature of insurgency. So if i choose MLRS i will actually get to go on tour and use my role in combat then?
MLRS has been used in the stan, there was a link to a video of it on ARMYNET the other day, might still be there now. Basically if you join as HVM or rapier then you won't deploy to these places with your kit, however if you were doing comms training then that would probably still get used in the sandy places.
UAV looks like it could be quite fun if you don't fancy throwing heavy shells about or being deafened.
As for asking are the RA and RE comms trades the same fcuk knows probably best asking the recuiting office,.
The best thing i could think about the RE would be getting to blow things up!
Yea UAV looks good, there in Larkhill? There being used alot in there role from what iv read. I forgot about that. I dont think Armynet will work till im in.

Thanks for all the info guys, definatly helped make my choices easier.
As stated all units are represented on tours at the mo with some for of kit, true the likes of Rapier won't be deployed, but the regt is deploying with some different kit, same goes for the HVM units they have different challenges ahead.

As for RE vs RA Sigs/Command Systems

The way I look at it its chalk and cheese, every unit has a reliance on comms kit mo question, but the RA I believe has a greater need than most and that need is mainly down to Fire Orders. RE comms wallahs I believe are the same as most Corps Rad Ops, but RA signallers have a greater responsibility than simply talking on a radio, I am biased but I believe that RA flaggys are the best radio communicators in the army

Nothing biased about it at all, ask any RA flaggie and you'll get the same answer.

Infact, ask any member of the regiment and minor predudices (OK that's spelt wrong, but you know what I mean) aside, they will all say RA flaggies are the best!
Having spent my 22 as an RA flaggy(apart from a short lapse as a Bunny) in a variety of roles, I strongly concur with the above comments. When other Arms lost comms, they would go to the Artillery who could communicate through thick and thin.

You are so right, it is a recurring theme in any history of the Regiment that RA Flaggies are always through and Gunner Comms can always be relied on!

It is after all only to be expected from the best of the best!!!
Being in the Command System World, I have to say that our trade as a whole is better trained than the other corp whose role it is. And that comes from working with them on Op Telic 1 in Bde HQ.

No Comms, No Bombs!!!!!!!!

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