Artificer Course Promotion

Discussion in 'REME' started by diggler, Jul 21, 2005.

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  1. Lads, a quick question. I am on the Royal Signals Foreman of Signals course (18 months). We are having a bun fight with manning and records, as some guys that have come off the Ssgt board whilst on the course have been told that they cant get promoted as they are on a course. I was wondering what the score was with you lads on the artificer course?

    Cheers in advance
  2. All who go onto the Tiffy course, who are not already Sub Sgt are made up to Acting Sgt. During the course some get the substantative rank of Sgt. At the end of the course all are made up to Substantative SSgt with seniority from the day of your scrolling(end of course piss up). No one gets promoted to SSgt before then.
  3. Actually, some of us go on the course Sub-Sgt. We are not all red-asses.
  4. Actually there was a SSgt on an aircraft tiffy course a few years ago.

  5. Yep fair point should have read those who are not already Sub Sgt ...... etc .

    Oh look it does now. Edit is soooooo cool
  6. You can get promoted to SSgt on your Tiffy Course, I know coz my dad did.
    I was a substantive Sgt at the start of my course, as were 2 or 3 others.
    There was also a bloke on a VM course that ran at the same time as my one who was promoted to SSgt during the course.
  7. 100% correct Nige. T*** V******** was promoted to SSgt weeks after starting his Art Tels course. (Moderator will probably remove his name)
  8. Remove it your self please in the interest of the guy’s own personal security

  9. Have deleted his name Dave. Sorry for being so thoughtless.
  10. Last year whilst on tiffy course, a guy from my course and another from a course behind both picked up on the Artisan board. They did not get to wear it but had a choice, the guy on my course carried on with the tiffy course as we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, the other guy who had only just started binned it and was posted as an Artisan. So it can and does still happen!

    A few big questions that came up at the time were what was MRO doing putting someone on an Artificer course on the board in the first place (one less Artisan promotion?) and when the person finishes course and is posted as an Artificer does an Artisan get promoted to fill the gap?

    We never saw any additional Artisan promotion published until the next main board even though the promotion was "turned down". Did this mean that someone who would have been promoted missed their chance?

    Food for thought!
  11. REME records dont tink beyond their next NAAFI break in my experiance!!

  12. Never a truer word said!

    And this is the same lot that "look after our careers"! That's what happened to all those posting prefs.
  13. The problem that we have in the signals, is that the foremans course can be attended by Sgt and SSgts. The Sgt on completion goes to SSgt High band level one; whereas the SSgt will map straight across from low band to high band (for example, low band 5 to high band 5). This results in about a £3 a day rise for a Sgt, and £12 a day for a SSgt.

    There are people on my course who came off last years board, and got promoted to Ssgt on day one of the course. There are people who came off the same board as me in April, who are starting the next course (a year behind me) who will get their promotion on day one of the course. But because I am on currently on the course, glasgow have told me to forget about being promoted.

    The whole thing stinks in my opinion, I just wondered what the score is with you boys in the REME. How long is the Tiffy Tels course? Do you get an honours degree yet?

    Cheers for all the replies so far!!
  14. Update on Tech Tiffys, there is no Tels Tiffy anymore, has'nt been for about 3 years, all the tech tiffys do the same course and pop out the end as a Artificer Electronics.

    The course is 18 to 19 months depending on leave and just now you get a 3 yr BSc.

    Did'nt know about your FoS promotion, looks like a big difference in pay to SSgt, but you should catch up when promoted to WO and overall you will probably end up getting paid more in total having come through the system faster. :lol:
  15. A couple of general questions (excuse my ignorance), what is the difference between YoS and FoS in terms of job description, secondly, have you thought of transferring to REME (how old/long have you done?)