Artifical Airways

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 307, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    ANy way of getting your size of the plastic airways medics carry through the system or just gotta proff one off of a medic?
  2. 307

    307 War Hero

    Just what I was looking for I reckon that walker thing is just about the right size for my gob
  3. 307, It's not the size of your gob that matters, it's the lenth of the trachea.It seems like you don't have a clue what is needed, you sound like a walt to me.!!!!!.

  4. You mean like OP or NP airway adjuncts?

    Your asking for trouble carrying one of those with your FFD, when you take a knock and some keen bean goes and rams it up your arrse... Or down your throat incorrectly when its not needed, or the wrong way up.

    Leave that to the medics.
  5. with you on that one, he will be after a DROPS to transport himself around next
  6. Med centre, they should give you evrything if you suck up. Also if you're gonna carry them don't just get your size. What if you need to treat someone else??
  7. artificial airways should be fitted ONLY by medics/trained persons. as has been said, by carrying one you are asking for trouble if first aid is given by some keen f#ckwit.
    if you need one, call a medic. they should be carrying them & will know how to use.
  8. A tip I was given as a Medic is to go round your trp/Sqn and measure the lads (hello hello!)

    Then stick the colour of it on their kit with heir zap number. Ie

    O Pos
    Green/Blue/1/2 etc

    You can do the same thing with Stiff neck colars.

    And worry about carrying your own, because your RMA/CMT will have oodles of airways.

    T C
  9. If he's talking about a Guerdel (spelling ?) airway anyone can carry one, the medics are trained to intubate with ET tubes.

    I wouldn't want my oppo trying to ram an ET down my trachea but I'd be grateful for a Guerdel from anyone if I was unconsious.

    Obviously I'm willing to be corrected by someone who knows the score, but what The Cheat says sounds about right.
  10. I take it then GR, all pers are taught how to size (the word is Guedel by the way) and when and how to use them.????
    The Cheat is right in what he says, but being a trained medic, he knew what he was doing.

    You'll all want to be carrying defibs soon.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Are you mad!

    Most CMTs wont know how to use an ET tube properly! They may know how to actually shove one down a Sim-Man well enough, but we are taught nothing about the correct drugs that you need to use to keep the PT sedated.

    They let us mess about with them on my Class 2 course, but there were RGN's on my course and having spoken to them, theres a lot more to an ET tube than just getting it down their throat in under 6 seconds.

    If you come across a CMT that thinks they can do it, try and have a word with your MO about it. The CMT may be legit, but more often than not they've spent an afternoon with Sim-Man so they think they can do it.

    {Rant Mode off}

    T C
  12. If he can call for one, I'd argue he does not need one. Or at least wont be able to tolerate one... :p
  13. Bit of jackness here lads, this is simple stuff. Yes, I wouldnt carry one around day to day, as I don't want Mr St John Ambulance trying to ram one down my japs eye, but you ought to have one in training and fekkin definately on ops and you should make sure your mates know how to use it. After all, you're not going to put it in yourself, are you! :D

    As for getting one, just blag one off your medic, they have boatloads. You ought to be issued at least one OP and NP for your kit anyway.

    It takes Feck all effort on the part of your medic to teach you how to size off NP and OP airways and how/when to use them. This ought to be done.

    CTC, it's the size of the gob that matters. An OP airway shouldn't go anywhere near the effin trachea (unless you're using a boot to insert it).

    OP airways (also called Guedal, or 'J' airways.....cos of the shape :eek: ) come in sizes 1-4 (ish) for adults and smaller for kiddiewinkles. Most blokes are 2 or 3. Place the airway against your cheek to size it, it should go from the angle of the jaw (the point where it turns 90 degrees below your ear) to the centre of your teeth.

    NP airways are urine easy to fit and most blokes are a size 7. If you have small nostrils, or are actually female, then go for a 6.

    Airways are easy-peasy to learn. It's things like medicuts that are more serious (but should also be taught/learnt).
  14. DS,Your quite right, I should have checked what I'd written before sending.My humble apologies to all concerned.

    They are easy to learn, but, how much med kit should a Tom need to carry, isn't his job to ''Win the firefight''.

  15. Guadel airways, pah! I always found them an over-rated tool, you still need to do a jaw-lift anyway, and if you are doing that, you don't need an airway. Still, I was only a recovery nurse for 10 years, what do I know.