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Read in the newspapers today of a website that shows loads of yank squaddie birds getting their kit off? Anyone know of it?
If you are talking about the website I think you are, I love the way you completely ignore all the photos of dead and decaying bodies that have been sent in by SPAMS and concentrate on the porn. Fantastic!!!!!
Now that is fcuked up! (HINT, HINT!!)

I recommend the videos! :D
There is quite a bit going on US female squaddies takes some pics to send home to hubby however leaves a copy of them on the welfare PC - Nice move - silly bitch. Also using mil network to email hubby - Sys Admin guys search daily for any media file always turns up a few 'sports pages' Let me see what I can dig out.
This site reported on Radio 2 the other evening. Spoke to owner about content re Iraqis etc and he held his own quite well.

Primarily an adult site for amateurs and the military couldn't get access as the paying facility did not recognice their addresses on deployment to match up with credit card details. The owner therefore allowed free access to mil personnel if they could prove they were in Iraq etc and hence pics of dead Iraqis started to appear.

Likewise not interested in photos of the dead but some good pics of variously clad chicks. The mil bit is in a free access area whereas other stuff is a subscription only area.
Quite, I promised I'd top myself if I ever found myself listening.

Actually, went channel hopping when on a long drive a few months back - the music they play is (sometimes) my era - but the absolute wittering on about nothing in particular by the likes of Johnie Walker & Steve Wright had me diving for the button marked 'OFF'