Article on US troops playing Warhammer on Op Tours...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jim30, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Some of these guys can do tours of up to 18 months, everyone needs a hobby when you are stuck out there for that long!
  2. Each to their own I guess, to pass the time I used to catch ginger cats and make attractive throw cushions for the sangers out of them but I guess some people just don't have the required needlework skills.
  3. Risk was the thing for me. We used to put several boards worth of armies together and chop the world map into smaller territories . The op tempo was to fast on my last two tours though so we never bothered. Just poker now and again.
  4. That might as well be the paragraph used to describe Our involvement in Helmand.
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  5. Risk was the big one for me in Bos. In Iraq we played cards, on thrones (a la Platoon) made from ammo boxes and rations (full)... as the tour progressed/got more 'kinetic' our thrones diminished.

    The USMC introduced me to 'Plants Vs Zombies'... very playable!
  6. I knew a couple of guys who would take a handful of miniatures and a few pots of paint with them when they went out to Afghan to wile away the 'downtime'!

    One of the best 40K armies I've ever seen was owned by a serving soldier who had converted and/or painting a lot of it whilst on tour. Fantastic WW2 Aussie style Imperial Guard.
  7. Bosnia was pretty popular with the Risk boardgame as well after the hectic panic of the first few tours were out of the way.

    Then my natural geek side came to the fore and I did indeed take a squad of space marines or so to paint and modify with miliput out to Kosovo, a few other lads who did the hobby as well ,took their own stuff out.

    One of those weird things happened when i got attached to camp Bondsteel for a month for a construction project, it turns out that quite a few of the Yanks were into the hobby including some rather hulking special forces chaps and I got invited into their nightly gaming tournaments.