Article on UK Police in Forbes Magazine

Quentin Letts is political sketch writer and theater critic for London's Daily Mail newspaper. A former New York bureau chief for the London Times, he is the author of Fifty People Who Buggered Up Britain, a series of vituperative torpedoes aimed at Britain's political and cultural elite. He writes a weekly column for Forbes.
This man knows nothing ignore him lets face it we are a long way off the corrupt, racist and trigger happy American cops.


The British Police are less bad than many other forces in less lucky lands. But 'not as bad as something worse' isn't really good enough, it's a plea in mitigation but hardly a defence.
interestednovice said:
Whether what he says is true or not, what he's describing is exactly how many otherwise law-abiding people have come to view the police.
including me. I thought the article was spot on. Through personal experience I lost trust and respect in the police a long time ago.
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