Article on Reservist Employees (for employers)

From the article:

Tim Corry said:
If your employee is selected for mobilised service, which typically lasts between six and 10 months, both you and your employee can apply for the mobilisation to be postponed or cancelled if their absence will cause serious harm to your business. Although each case is slightly different, you can expect your employee to be deployed on mobilised service once in the first five years of service.
Either Tim is ignorant or he's lying; that description does not reflect the current policy on mobilisation as laid down by Land. That, as we all know, requires the agreement of the employer to be obtained before putting the papers in. Maybe lying is too strong, deliberately misleading might be more accurate.

This does not help at all, if my boss reads this he'll be asking why SABRE are telling him a different story than the one I gave him which was chapter and verse from the Land letter.

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