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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. I got your name, now, kid.

    :p Kidding, good job, mate, it's gotta be the worst thing in the world to be a child out there.
  2. You don't scare me, bring it on :twisted:

  3. Chief,

    If you have been following at all my posts, you know I can be quite harsh with posters from your country. In fact, I think I may have even given you a bit of a rough time too to begin with.

    However, as a high school brat, you have shown far greater wisdom than ALL of you fellow countrymen on ARRSE put together. Not only have you accepted and 'joined' our community - instead of just comming here to 'teach us why we are so stoopid' - you have actually done something to help other people in the world who are less fortunate than yourself.

    I am sick and tired of listening to the drivvel of your (older) countryfolk who think they know how to solve all the world's ills from their comfortable armchair - but do NOTHING other than spout incomprehensible, unrealistic garbage - because they read it on some neo-con site and want to sound patriotic.

    It is people like you that made your country great. It's people like you that your country needs at this time.

    Well done Kevin. I wish you well with your future as I'm sure you ahve many ambitions.

  4. Chief;

    Well done!
  5. bet you can't pronounce the journalists name though though :p

    Good work we can only pray that some idiot national guard airman doesn't bomb the schools believing they are insurgent hopscotch markings in the play ground
  6. No support from Kol Shalom, Goldhamer or Neveh Shalom, then?

    Once people see past religious bigotry, this world of ours may stand a chance.

    Still, good efforts on your part. No doubt you've made some Islamic friends during your work. It's people like you who improve community relations by not being afraid to enter sections of society that so many people wrongly think are taboo.

  7. CJ , you're a fine young man , run for office, do it quickly :D
  8. CJ, I'm impressed. you have a wise head on them there shoulders and a good heart! and do as PTP suggests!

    p.s. I was going to mention that the world needs more like you, but I guess you could get into trouble for that!!

    edited for being dyslexic!!
  9. Wouldn't have been tough, I just never got around to it. Several Jewish families and students contributed regardless. I had enough support at the time, and didn't have time to make sure I got to everyone. I am, as merkator so graciously pointed out a "high school brat" :wink: , which meant I was doing this in addition to the work my teachers expected of me (actually getting me in trouble :roll: ). Next time (and trust me, I'll do this again), I definitely want to broaden the support base. It doesn't mention it in the article, but when they say I spoke with "US and Coalition Soldiers", Coalition means you guys (and one Danish Medic). You guys are an inspiration to me, and I'm proud to know that you guys and my countrymen are looking out for each other out there.

    And merkator, give virgil and California_Tanker some credit as well :wink:
  10. No, no, no, no, and no. I couldn't stomache being a politician.
  11. Well KK..... I got your name too.

    Nice bit of work, respect your acts. Well done mate.
  12. CJ, you have gone up in my estimation again!! However, if people like you don't run, we end up with people like the shaved chimp!!
  13. That's true, but I'd be miserable. One of my mates is interning with a Senator this summer and has political aspirations, I'll let him be a politician. I'd like to be something more constructive than a politician, like be a pimp or a drug dealer :p
  14. I had you down as being a silly old git. I'll climb gently back into my box now that I know how old you are.