Article in Telegraph on 12 Dec 08 - Mne George Sparks KIA

Today's Telegraph has a moving 3/4 page article by Chris Terrill on the death in action of Mne George Sparks.

I have tried to find a link but failed! For those of you abroad, I will try their website later and will post a link when the article appears.

I read it this morning in the hard copy Telegraph. You wouldn't think smoking was banned in public places, I have seldom been in a smokier room.

The article does the Corps, the author and Marine Sparks proud. Georgie will be the second Marine Sparks to pass into Corps legend.
plant_life said:
RIP to both guys. My thoughts go out to their families and friends at a very difficult time. We need to make sure that their deaths were not in vain.
"We need to make sure that their deaths were not in vain."

Not just them - all of the deaths sustained. Problem is - how? Names on a memorial somewhere seem ineffective. We need - just what power do we have? To honour their names and deeds is not difficult but "not in vain"? How does one achieve that?

I reckon that to satisfy "not in vain" we need to change something. The whole bloody mistake verging on criminal neglect that got us there can be dealt with by making sure that some future B.Liar does not have the power to sign a piece of paper taking us into a war ever again. Troops Out did (nothing)(very little) in NI but I sense there is more passion in the general populace that is not watching Come Dancing than there was about NI. I fear that left to the nose-picking morons that form a government - Labour and Tory - nothing will happen to reduce our involvement. Maybe the Administrators who take over a bankrupt GB UK Ltd could do something. If we were subsumed into "Europe" we could "fight" in the way that so many others from there are doing.

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