Article from Helmand Province

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Countryman, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Michael Yon, who was in Iraq is now in Afghanistan, and made a trip to Helmand, including a stop over at one of the new bases being built there.

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  2. What a load of shite!
  3. An entire British Army unit has defected, he said, with their weapons and equipment.

    Somebody please find him and cut off his journalistic principles (if he has any).

    If not cut off something else, slowly and painfully.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    defected or defecated?

  5. A mass defecation

    Sounds a messy business.
  6. It's perfectly feasible that 'an entire British unit defected and joined the Taliban' when you think of their reputation for top class bezzering. :roll:

    Who is this man and had he just imbibed the output from an entire poppy field?
  7. He's not reporting fact - its a joke he tells to make locals laugh. He tells them 'a British unit went AWOL'. The Afghans nod at this latest piece of gossip. Then he hits them with the punchline "yep!! they joined the Taliban!!" which makes the Afghan laugh. Not a hilariously funny joke but you too would find it funny if your national sport was goat dragging.

    I've seen that blog before - its pretty good really.

  8. You're dead right he's not reporting fact and did I suggest he was?

    Still trying to find the two photographs but have seen one with serious Taliban fighter and the other with building worker and it was the same guy.
    Sorry don't know the Afghan for doppelganger but this whole thing smells.

    I repeat:

    Somebody please find him and cut off his journalistic principles (if he has any).

    If not cut off something else, slowly and painfully
  9. Apologies if I've misread your original post but yes I did get the impression that you thought he is claiming a defection actually took place.

  10. No probs, he does talk bollox but it's funny bollox.
  11. What makes you think its all bollox?

  12. If it was more tongue in cheek he would choke himself and I wish he would.

    As I said, a couple of very staged photos, pose with the AK47, pose with a breeze block.

    I've seen more journalistic merit in the SCUM and that's saying something.

    Of course that's just my opinion.
  13. Here's one of his pearls of wisdom

    'Some years ago, I was walking briskly in a Thai city, and when I turned a corner I ran straight into a large elephant'

    I'm on the edge of my seat, gripping stuff. More like the edge of the toilet bowl.
  14. I could have sworn that was Sir Rowley Birkin QC?
  15. Yes but wasn't he pished?

    And another example of why he failed the journalist correspondence course.

    There were other thuds nudging me awake, until finally I stirred to breakfast and heard distant automatic weapons fire. I was walking by the tents of the 1st Infantry Division soldiers who are starting to leave Iraq when I noticed a young soldier pointing at me.

    I think that's enough, it's enough for me.