Article from Aussie newspaper



what do you expect in a country full of ex convicts :lol:
Suddenly I don’t feel so alone
Bit late on this one - but having read it are we sure its an Aussie newspaper ??? - seemed more like something from the belfast telegraph or the irish times - of course he could have been descended from an irish con. Is there a Sydney in Ireland ????
(a place not a person before the comments fly)
Sounds more like something from Viz.
I wonder if he has tried the old "sitting on your hand until its dead" routine? Then when you have a tug, it feels as if someone else is doing it!
First the world cup, then the ashes, now this! You Brit b@rstards just wont fight fair. If I could get my hand off it I would annexe the Falklands for Australia. :oops:

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