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Mine's a Border - the lighter weight version I thnk. In retrospect I wish I'd gone for the Northumbria, but hindsight = 20/20 and all that!! My previous one, which lasted 13 yrs until some c**t stole it from the train, had benefitted massively from leather strip reinforcement along the cuffs and the bottom of the jacket; I'd recommend this if you can get it done.

Barbours in general are awesome pieces of kit. One of my oppos is a gamey on one of the Highland estates, gets one each year (on the house expenses I think). He swears by them.
The Northumbria is far too heavy for regular use. My old man has had one for nearly 30 years and, whilst it is a very good piece of kit, it is far too weighty and the material too thick for 'proper' work.
It's too warm and heavy for here in Devon. I've got one, 20 years old but barely worn (bought after an excessively good lunch in mistake for a Border), would suit tall person if anyone wants it.


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Ditto - 20 years - even too heavy for the High peak at 1000 feet except when there is 3+ feet of snow - then it's ace - but not while snow clearing


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Save yourself some money take a trip to the factory shop just outside Newcastle. Take plenty of money as there's loads of discounted items that are essential when you see them.


Would this be better put in the shooting section as its not really issue tissue or even close?


Fair one, I have the last pattern rustic in DPM and whilst its no patch on the old 4 pocket ones its better than nowt!
It's ideal for standing about at a peg in the middle of Winter. It's probably not suitable for the help.
My first barbour was a Northumbria. I found it in a skip full of builders rubbish. Took it home, cleaned it up and re-waxed it myself and wore it for 3 years. Best outdoor coat I've ever owned. I left it on a train when pissed and never saw it again. That was 15 years ago, so someone might still be wearing it for all I know!
I inherited one from an uncle when I was about 18 or 19, wore it until I put on too much upper-body mass to fit, then passed it on to my brother in law and my nephew now wears it (or at least stands inside it).

It must be around early- or mid-80s vintage, too. Bloody good value for money, I reckon.
Had one of the first ones,still going. I also have the liner,and hood,always wear it when it gets very white out,weighs a fair bit but very warm.

Also have a couple of pairs of Barbour long shooting socks,from the same purchase,still going,incredibly comfy inside wellies!

You don't want to know how much they cost nowadays. ;-)
I've got a 25 year-old Solway Zipper, with the sleeves that are traditionally a good inch too short for the size and a newer lightweight 'breathable' Barbour complete with large 'Made in Bulgaria' tag.

Great kit and last forever but Barbour are the clothing equivalent to LandRover.


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Solway zipper. Hung inside the front door. People used to hate me when I turned up for a pint on a rotten winters night as it smelt like and old dog when it warmed up.
Noticable by its absence I thought the kid sister had swiped it for walking her dogs on the beach. Asked her if she wanted the furry liner for it, she looked at me as if I was bonkers. 'I wouldn't wear that smelly old thing'. So either Ms Skid has binned it or someone has nicked it. Still have a Border and their NATO motorcycle jacket.


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Has anyone used the chap in Old Bike Mart who claims to be able to clean and therefore depong Barbours without wrecking them?


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Jesus. Without me the ARRSE would descend into chaos. Right.

"The Barbour Northumbria is too warm to wear in Devon". That is because Devon is populated by tourists, sheep, Conservative MP's and puffs. It was not designed for you. Buy a North Face that matches your Crocs.

The Barbour Northumbria will keep out anything the north can throw at you and encrusted sleet will shake off and you will still be dry. But a Barbour is a cold coat. You need a fleece underneath. Or get an old sheepskin coat from a charity shop, cut out the sleeves and sew the body onto the inside.

This advice does not apply to people from Devon who's idea of cold is to throw a light blue cashmere jumper over their shoulders.
It's not cold up north any more. You lot just pretend it is so people think you wear vests and shorts in winter because you're tough, rather than because you can't afford clothes as normally thought of.

The few of you who have a few quid dress up in foul-weather garments just to prove you can afford them, in much the same way that Bristolian drug-dealers fit free-rotating rims to the wheels of their BMW motor cars.


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in much the same way that Bristolian drug-dealers fit free-rotating rims to the wheels of their BMW motor cars.
Sorry. I thought this was the forum for discussing military clothing and boots.

When precisely did Bristol car thieving drug dealers with their free-rotating rims on their stolen BMW motor cars - whatever the **** that might mean - influence military clothing and boots?
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