Article 50 Served: And so it Starts.....

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by chimera, Mar 29, 2017.

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  1. chimera

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  2. chimera

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  3. Well, we seem to have them on the back foot, now to build up momentum.
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  4. I wonder if anyone out there has just won a bet they made in 1973....?
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  5. Needs an update and a reprint after today

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  6. Careful or you'll be sacrificed on the altar of 'baseless optimism' for being unpatriotic/realistic/pessimistic.
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  7. One piece of good news - The pound rose by 0.6% against the euro by the time the prime minister had finished her address to Parliament. :D
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  8. Better that, than just for being a dick.
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  9. Everyones favourite President of the European Commision was on German TV this morning going on about the € 60 thousand million that Britain allegedly owes. I admire his optimism.
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  10. One thing that's slightly concerning me... Even Christopher Booker in the Sunday Torygraph (a man who's spent the best part of the last thirty years spreading sacremongering half truths about Europe) thinks that the Government's apparent desire to break every single link with the EU possible is a bit OTT.

    Given what the objective of the hard Brexiteers seems to be - "deregulation" (which mostly seems to be about removing employment rights like holidays and hours-limits from the plebs) I suspect a great many people are going to find that the broad sunlit uplands of freedom have a chilly wind blowing across them.
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  11. We could always send some of the EU countries a bill for the 2 bits of German unpleasantness, along with their allies as well, with interest added!
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  12. Got any evidence to support that?

    Thought not
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  13. I'm extraordinarily happy about it.
    It's what I wanted and what I voted for. Getting what you want is a rare thing when government is concerned.

    No price is to high for independence from europe as far as I am concerned
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  14. On the other hand, many of those intent on deregulation may find that with the excuse of "we're just following the Brussels guidelines and doing what everybody else is doing" gone the electorate will just take them to account properly and vote against them.
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