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Discussion in 'REME' started by boogaloo, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys, just starting an application for REME and I'm looking at avionics. Can anybody tell me if the articifer courses apply for avionics? The booklet says all technical/electro tradesmen are elligeble but I imagine avionics means working closely with the AAC so are there different rules?
    Also do any of you have any experience with articifer courses, i.e taking one or know those that have?
    I apologise if this has been done to death, just gathering as much info as I can.
    Cheers all
  2. Artificer selection & training does apply to the avionics trades but is dependant on the individual (not everybody is considered as potential artificer) A really good starting point that will really work in your favour is if you can learn to spell it properly first! (common mistake) The four day Artificer Selection Board (ASB) was/is supposed to be a closely guarded secret - particularly the command task area but I am sure that you will have no problem in getting a tiffy to bore you to death with the details of his/her course - it is one of their favourite subjects! If I were you - I would concentrate on passing basic training and trade training first, tiffy will be a natural progression, especially for a techy trade.
  3. Quick update the Potential Artificer Assessment Board (PAAB) is now only 1 day!
  4. Wow. I am out of touch! Does that replace the old ASB or is it a prelim?
  5. Thats it.... you get 1 shot automatically after your upgraders course and another go if you choose not to attempt it then or get DW.
  6. So presumably they got rid of all the bullshit essays, interviews and lecturettes in favour of one day of command tasks and assault course? Or the other way round?
  7. Sorry guys, not quite in the fold yet and a bit lost after that. Is it being made more accessible?
  8. Boogaloo.

    In answer to your question, yes as an Avionics technician you can become an Artificer. Before you start to look at this (as even if you are a very good soldeir/tradesman and get get loaded on an Artificer course, its still prob 8 years down the line) just concentrate on passing phase 3 (basic training) and phase 2 (basic trade).
    A career in the army is not for everyone so perhaps you shouldn't look quite so far down the line just yet.
  9. Boogaloo....

    Some wise words from CT.
  10. You still have to do an essay on the day you arrive (just brought back in). The second day is where all the discussions, tiffy dilemma and command tasks take place, no gun run or individual assault course these days.
  11. Cheers CT. At the moment I'm looking, as I imagine most applicants do, at going in and staying in untill I'm forcibly removed. But obviously anything can happen, a friend of mine in the navy was loving it untill they started messing him around with promotions. In the booklet there's just a tiny mention about the artificer (I'm learning already) course and wanted to know a bit more about it.
  12. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    It's not even worth thinking about right now either, because any advice in these forums will be so outdated by the time you actually get there. Back when I joined up there was the 'blue book' which you had to ask your OC LAD to 'open' on you, and only after careful scrutiny and attending the odd leadership trg day you were recommended/not recommended to go and have a crack at a 4 day PAAB.

    Back then chicken really tasted like chicken.

    One of the big attractions was 'Band 7 Pay', which promptly got demolished by Paycut 2000, which meant you were to get paid the same amount as a chef for your responsibilities of ensuring engineering excellence within your workshop which, as I'm sure you'll agree, is right up there with making sure the Regt has enough sugar in the store cupboard.

    Following this, the PAAB was moved to take place during the Class 1 trade course (during, not at the end), meaning nobody had to bother their arrses any more to get out there and do it, and to make things a little interesting it was reduced to 1 day.

    Now because of something called Versatile Engagement (extra time on top of your normal service), all Artificer trades have to do longer in rank at both Staffy and WOII before they can promote - even though a year later SDSR effectively meant that chances of an extra 2 years service were looking slim for most. To add to that, people who didn't go Artificer who could only previously reach SSgt as an 'Artisan', could now go all the way to WO1, and Commission - and in some cases much faster than their Artificer counterparts.

    Most of these rule changes have happened fairly recently, so I bring you back to my original point. Heed the advice already dished out and see how the infancy stage of your intended career goes first.

    Good luck, and most importantly, enjoy it!
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  14. Agree with the sentiment entirely, things change at a rapid rate of knots and will definitely do so before the OP gets through the system; however for clarity all artificers are required to convert to VEng(FC) TOS therefore the chance of the extra 2 years is less a chance and more a certainty.

    Oh - Chicken still tastes like chicken, Quorn on the other hand tastes feck all like chicken whatever Ryan Giggs said 20 years ago.
  15. thanks for all the comments, taking them all on board. Just one more question though, what, if any, academic qualifications can be obtained in REME? I have A-levels in maths and physics but poor grades due to being too young and naive to put in any effort. I'm almost embarrased about putting them on an application form and would like an opportunity to redo them.