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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wildcard.rgbw, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. This is probably goonbaiting... but could someone tell me to whom these "Artic Smocks" where issued to, was it an exclusive thing? The ones I keep coming across seem to be different flavours.

    The classic "cotten gaberdine ones", some will have the front rank slide, some won't, will always have classic temperate green buttons.

    What seems to be a more recent smock but in more cleaner DPM and alot heavier material but not ripstop, still labelled "Artic smocks" and have the green temp buttons, these ones aren't cotton gaberdine but have all the features of our new windproof smocks minus the inside zip pockets plus the field dressing pouch we see on the para smocks.

    The thing is, I'm strangly drawn to using the "Artic smock", it just seems so ally, I have a windproof but I wanna use this one! :?

    I feel to get some green elastic for cam like the sniper smocks (which don't use elastic, it's green tape, I know because I have one, don't worry I don't use it.

    Ok enough waffling, I know I do it alot, just someone please tell me to whom these "Artic Smocks", I thought at first maybe Royal Marine's because they're supposedly meant to be up for that kind of thing?

    Oh, and is there such a thing as a genuinely issued SAS smock?
  2. arctic smocks issued to people playing in the arctic (Norway) and the falklands which is sort of near Antarctica.

    there is an issue SAS smock it doesn't have a wired hooded
    arctic smocks have wired hoods and some have rank tabs
  3. I still really feel to use it... sort of a gucci kit impulse... it's not even gucci :)
  4. What's an 'artic' smock? Do you need a C+E ticket to wear one?
  5. And is the M25 the artic circle?
  6. team with some florescent style tropical's and be applauded for your old school style by most sncos :twisted:
  7. And a Norgy shirt and Danner boots........
  8. Artic smocks wear out really quicky, especially around the cuffs. Also, the pockets are poor; you don't get the really useful zipped pockets on the front. I prefer my CS95 hoody smock.
  9. A mate of mine got jack-knifed in a layby in one of these smocks.
  10. I've just learnt something, I won't say what but I thought I'd share at least that anyway.
  11. oh dear oh dear pmsl :twisted:
  12. Ahhh!!! Very mid nineties

    Guilty!! :oops: :oops:
  13. Not the only one...............
  14. That's what I read first time round...

    There's a version of the CS95 hoody smock with mesh lining and some other fancy bits which is on limited issue; the issue takes some beating though; the zip pockets are very handy.
  15. A couple of links to genuine artic smocks.