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Arthur Scargill - Remember Him?

He's 74?

I somehow managed to impress the RCB interviewer by comparing the Maggie/ Scargill and the American gadger whose name I forget to the play Strife by John Galsworthy.

Considering the state of the mining industry, saving 34K/ annum seems pretty reasonable. Evict the **** like so many miners were when they couldn't pay the rent.
I feel bad for the NUM. Somebody has made an unrealistic promise on their behalf, and they can't afford to pay.

Scargill should join a union or something.
That the once mighty NUM can't afford £34,000 PA to keep its former leader in the style to which he has been accustomed speaks volumes.


Book Reviewer
Scargill is a disgrace to the very roots of his soul. He has no honour, doesnt give a shit about the miners, and I doubt he ever did. He had his own dream of being a British Stalin. I know St Margaret of Grantham has been given short shrift here and in many other places, but I do recall the dark days of the early 80s. Scargill wanted something like a revolution, his own wet dream. I was in Nottingham in those days, and with many family members in the mining industry, one way or another. Scargill knew the Notts miners were going to go against him so he overruled them. The Notts miners hated Scargill, and that hatred echoes strongly with me even today. Today the Notts Miners hate every blood cell Scargill has, as the Notts mines had the potential to remain efficient for many years.

Mrs Thatcher saw some thing like a revolution, and dealt with it. That is not the problem with Thatcher. The union hold was crippling us all, but she did not know when to stop, and managed to destroy swathes of the hard industry of the UK. The self-same industries that even the bluest of tories realise we need, desperately , and now, as the financial industry has shown itself to be a little bent.

The really obnoxious thing about Scargill is that he thinks that his lifetime presidency and the perks that go with it are due to him. Pretty much like Micky Martin, the one speaker of the HoC who should really have been carted off and imprisoned in the Tower of London. Scargill's pretensions persisted. He stood against Peter Mandelson in the general election in Hartlepool. Mandelson was going to storm that election, as we didnt really know at the time that Blair and his lot were the biggest crooks, charlatans and liars who have ever been known to sit on the green benches, but Scargill was under the illusion that the communities wrecked by Thatcher thought he was a latter day Lenin and would elect him. Even the people of Hartlepool ware not that stupid.

His arrogance is also astounding. He has taken his own union to court over privileges granted to him over a rather dodgy union election.

Anyone who finds Stalin to be an admirable person really needs to think about the millions who Stalin sent to their deaths, and then open an artery. Its up the road Arthur, not across the street! Ive seen Stalin's grave in Moscow, and was diverted from the urge to piss against it for two reasons - heavily armed police and the presence of Gagarin's grave, in front of which I bowed in deep respect.
I have long thought Scargill as a kind of hybrid Hitler come stereotyped old school WW1 General. Unflinching self belief in their own brilliance, unable to yield or listen or observe or learn.

The cannon fodder exist only to win wars for the glory of their superiors.

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