Arthur Scargill kicked out of NUM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by studentfeckwit, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Arthur Scargill loses NUM voting rights

    Oh what a shame! Now if only the RMT would do the same thing with Comrade Crow.
  2. Doesn't qualify for full membership according the rules he drafted :) love it
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Fellow union member Ken Capstick told PA he was also told he could no longer be a member.
    "We will definitely challenge this decision, which has been made on extremely spurious grounds."

    Unlike abandoning the one man one vote principal and taking them out on King Arthurs say so

    Wonder if Maggie still has full membership of the Tory Party
  4. Oh what a shame. Funny how things turn out isn't it?
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I can't believe that we are actually in 2010, and the Communists and Marxists are still in control of many of the unions!!

    Arther Scargill, Jack Jones, Mick Mgahey and Bert Ramelson where all either communists, communist sympathisers or communists informers (spies) and it was Ramelson who got the striking British miners their silver pieces ($1,380,000) from the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party at the height of the strikes that Margaret Thatcher was fighting.

    The fact that the bastard Scargill is even now still part of these scummy unions is evidence of the communist/marxist influence still being peddled in the unions. In the 80's even the Communist Party of Great Britain tried to calm Scargill down as he was 'bad for business'.

    The twat should have been hung IMHO.
  6. Could not happen to a nicer guy. Allot of the older guys who I work with (all of them are former BT, and live in the Leicester area) are all red fcukwits. They all spout hatred for Maggie and the Tories. And in the same breath hail Scargill as a hero of the working classes.
    It was not taken well when I mentioned that " the pr1ck had them out in an illegal strike... if the fcuking idiot got them to have a vote for strike action it would have been different as the majority didn't want to strike"... you could have heard a cockroach fart!
  7. Is this semi-literate dinosaur in human form still alive? I am surprised.

    This futile twerp is one the most obnoxious non-entities that would disgrace a boil infested bottom.

    Is it not interesting to observe 'Son of Scargill', known to most as Crowe, driving into oblivion his repellent coterie of *****?

    Strikes on the London Underground, and the appallingly badly driven London buses, should be categorised as 'treason' - and the punishment should be death by public evisceration!
  8. Do you know this is actually making me belive in religion for there surly must be a god now that odious little shite is getting his come upance
  9. "He said: "He has removed one of the greatest trade union leaders that the NUM has ever had from membership."

    What planet are they on? Surely he was the worst as good old Maggie proved! What a bunch of blindsided morons.
  10. All we need to hear now is that Scargill is too losing a battle with cancer and it will be quite a bloody good week.
  11. I'll say one good thing about Jack Jones - he fought in the Spanish Civil War where he was seriously wounded , that alone means he doesn't belong in the same paragraph as those mentioned above
  12. Not f*cking seriously enough. Lefty twat should have stayed there and rotted.
    Did I ever reveal that I missed an opportunity to kick the Militant ****** Degsy Hatton down the stairs of Starbucks in Dhekelia a few years ago? I still curse myself for my slow-thinking missed opportunity.
  13. This thread is mis-titled, he's lost his voting right's not kicked out of the Union.
  14. The only good thing to say about Jack Jones is he is dead, he was a traitor spying on this country for his KGB masters.
  15. There's more to this than meets the eye.

    Arthur, like any true socialist, has been taking the pi$$ with his expenses. The NUM pretty much paid for everything at his home oop north. Gas, electricity, council tax - the NUM picked up the tab for everything. In addition, he's claimed quarter of a million quid in "expenses" for a 3 bedroom flat he maintains in the Socialist enclave of The Barbican in the City of London.

    The NUM only have a few thousand working members now. (And the president is on over 100 grand a year - but that's another story). They're currently spending a significant amount of their income in keeping Arthur in the style to which his members never became accustomed.

    Things came to a head when it was discovered that Arthur's expense payments were being "hidden" in the union's accounts by being combined with maintenance charges for union offices. This wheeze was set up a while ago when the union was run by, err, Arthur.

    About a month ago, the union stopped paying Arthur's gas and electricity bills. Arthur is suing, so the union stopped paying all the bills for the house he lives in. Poor Arthur must now live off his pension and the grand a month "consultancy fee" he still gets from the NUM.

    Things rapidly turned nasty as accusations of "financial irregularities" were bandied about. Looks like dismissal from the NUM is just the latest round of tit for tat bolleaux now engulfing Arthur in the twilight of his career and hopefully, sunset of his life.