Arthur C. Clarke

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by PassingBells, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    yep, got hooked on sf after reading his stuff early on.

    shame he went in for all this 'co-wrote' bollox the last few years - never a patch on his original stuff imo.
  2. bit stunned about this. didnt know he has just croaked. one of my most favourite authors ever.
    ACC was without doubt a visionary writer of the highest magnitude, he was the first i believe to write of artificial satellites for communication, and the accuracy of his SciFi overall has allways spot on.

    I say his bones should be preserved in a black monolith of dimentions 1-4-9 on the moon.
  3. I enjoyed his early to middle period stuff. Especially loved "Tales from the White Hart" and his other short stories. "Imperial Earth" was another good'un.

    The guy was a visionary. Worked on Radar during the war IIRC.
  4. Clever bloke. Will be missed.
  5. He had the right idea about politicians; Any interest in being one disqualifies you! Pick them at random from a list of suitably qualified candidates, and if you're good enough they let you resign after one term of office; muck it up and you're stuck there, or jailed. Now there's a good idea.
  6. Clarke's attention to detail and scientific accuracy has made his fiction popular with engineers and space enthusiasts alike.

    Didn't he predict the geo-satillites now sat out in space delivering comms and GPS signals?

    I also think he 'dabbles' in pedo' as he lived with a 'young boy' out in Sri Lanka....


    He was also adamant that Aliens had visited Earth and tryed to explain the stone figures on easter island as worshipping visitors from outer space

    looks like he's gone to join 'em! :D

  7. ????

    Who's the time traveller? You? Mr Clarke? Or the journalist for the Times?
  8. I wondered who would nibble at that :D

    Date of death was sourced from wiki, and no doubt will be changed as more details become available.

    However, it's feasable with the timezones being as they are and as this is a science fiction thread, it seemed appropriate.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    he did - he wrote a book called 'Glide Path' based on his experiences helping to develop GCA. probably out of print, but well worth looking for on ebay or your local secondhand bookshop.

    incidentally, two of my coolest posessions have to be the pair of signed copies of 2001 I picked up in Waterstones years ago - they did a hardback reprint for the year 2001 and got the man himself to sign them - I paid £60 for the two. worth every penny seeing as how much I've enjoyed his stuff over the years.

    and yes, his ideas about political office - bang on the money.
  10. Dont know about all the space stuff, but he did a docurama called Contact about 16 years ago, about a muiltiple in S Amargh, thought it was the best thing ever at the time, never seen it since, tried to buy it but couldnt find a copy anywhere.

    anyone got a copy or know where i could get one?
  11. Iconic British SF writer, one of a few who made the mid 20th-century SF genre as brilliant as it was. The 'paedo' accusations against him were shown to be complete nonsense by the Sril Lankan Police.

    'Tales from the White Hart', by the way, was a sort of anthology based on the real meetings and tall tales from a pub just off Chancery Lane, at which various writers, readers and geeks used to gather, get ratted and talk crap. Theodore Sturgeon, Brian Aldiss and Clarke are the three I saw there when I worked nearby at the time (there's name-dropping for you). Unbelievably lucky to have a boss who know a publisher and took me along.
  12. A few Sri Lankan blokes I know all maintained that he was a well known nonce, and quite open about the fact that his money/contacts protected him.
  13. Don't think it was him, but you could always try youtube.
    Here, for instance

    Google says it was written by A.F.N. Clarke
  14. Clarke was one of the greatest visionaries of our time. Apart from communications satellites, he predicted exotic materials such as nano-tubes and their likely use for orbital elevators, as in 'The View from Serendip'.

    The peado crap was just that, crap; allegations made by some panhandling locals whom Clarke had f*cked off at the high port!