Arthur Batchelor You truly are a disgrace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Apr 22, 2007.

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    This tw@t deserves everything he gets.

    Edited . Let's leave the Internet tough guy bollox out of it.

  2. cnut only word to describe this waste of skin.

    we have people getting killed and this cnut makes it look like a ****ing joke..

    apparently the navy dont have enough ships so get these cnuts on patrol in iraq or afgan and lets see how tramatized they get then.
  3. Do you think he would have the balls to show up....somehow I dont think so
  4. You beat me to it guru, i've just finished reading this in the paper, and yes this little scroat is a disgrace to the armed forces,..just making a mockery of everything our boys/girls are doing whilst on op tour....can i have first crack at him???
  5. Hes a total embarassment to the Navy and Britain.
  6. I'm sure that one of his seniors will have a 'quiet word' in his shell like and allocate him a task to prevent boredom in the future :x

    He is a waste of skin and organs :pissedoff:

  7. Guru, quite right, how the hell do they let them in? Mind you, the pride and Service ethos of the RN was dealt a far more damaging blow when this happened...

    I'll never be able to forgive them for allowing it to happen.
  8. He is a young bloke who drank his own body weight in booze, got p1ssed and acted like a nob.

    Everyone has at some stage done the same. Admittedly, not after being held captive in Iran but we have all acted the fool after an ethanol fuelled session.

    The story is a non story like most of the others concerning the Armed Forces. Why lose sleep over it?

    I love the Internet hard man comments about filling him in. I'd put money on none of you touching him in 'real life'.
  9. Disgraceful. Batchelor has compounded an already embarrassing debacle. Anna Aston is absolutely right in what she says, and I would guess her thoughts would be echoed by every family similarly suffering loss.

    Of course, Batchelor wouldn't even be given the time of day, were it not for the decision made two weeks ago. I don't applaud him for one moment, but given the "celebrity" treatment that he has been allowed (encouraged) to participate in, it's not exactly a surprise that he's done for the reputation of the Armed Forces, what Jade Goody did for race relations.

    I can imagine the headline in the next few weeks, that young Arthur has suffered a nasty beating from an unknown party on returning from a night out. Perhaps, those that are "minding" Arthur, might like to point out to him, just how upsetting his behaviour is, to a growing number of people. It appears that he has absolutely no idea, and is doing the reputation of the Royal Navy no favours whatsoever.
  10. I posted a snottagram on the NOTW site. Not sure if they will publish it. Basically yet again the Navy fcuked up. The runt should have been given one weeks leave and had some SNCO from any service appointed as a minder 24/7 to stop things like this happening in public. 2 or 3 scoops then home to his sister for hot chocolate & his teddy. This whole episode is a disgrace to the good work of the British Armed Forces. You don't see rock star behaviour from those coming home in a wooden box into Brize or Lyneham. My challenge to young Arthur or Turely is to stop spending the money on the pi$$ and donate it all to a Naval Charity. Get those 2 fckers back on their boat and keelhauled. They are going to have to answer to their peers onboard ship.

    I'm embarrassed to be British Military.
  11. Guys, he is young, and it's the news of the world FFS!

    Can you honestly point to any guy who has been out in the sand-pit and on return to blighty, didn't go out on the lash and have a laugh at the shit he had been through?

    I really think the news of the world are trying to make a story out of nothing!
  12. It seems to me that the Navy is so desperate to get there 'Brand' in the news they will stoop to any lengths. That Gay pride thing only added to the opion most soldiers hold of the Navy and to top it all this little git starts playing to the camaras. Thank God for the Army
  13. judging by the bites on here they are succeeding in certain quarters.
  14. But it ISN@T a non fcuking story. This tool really should have been informed by the powers that be that he should be keeping a VERY low profile. Once again you miss the point, as per. The fact that the NOTW (read by many of the great unwashed) have caught this wnaker disgracing the Royal Navy and the Armed Forces just makes it worse. Generally speaking, the public has been anti the Iraqi situation, but pro the Armed Forces. This cnut, moreso than the bird, is going to affect that. He deserves a smack in the gob, and I think that there are a good few Matelots that would love to.
  15. You're right - completely. But 58 Pattern's comment about a minder 24/7 for a week, will have been discounted on what - Cost?

    Whilst Batchelor's behaviour can be "understood" - that his minders and CoC could not see this one coming from thirty miles out is the real disgrace.

    If this had been a Civil Servant taken hostage from the Iranian Embassy and then subsequently released, do we for one moment think that we'd be able to see them out and about in Plymouth?