Arthur Batchelor - FFS!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. I for one am very glad they are all back and unharmed and cheesed off at all the armchair experts telling how they would have done things but I wish they would just now shut the $#@& up and save further embarrassment, this Arfur fella has been saying how he feared rape, was protected by the chick and 'cried like a baby in his cell'! Don't they know when it is time to zip it?!

  2. Not really that bizarre a move really. Possibly Iran still playing the game trying to show they did'nt have it so bad.
    Any body else getting bored of this whole debacle?
  3. i hear the doris was worried about rape................................

    surely even the iranians have some standards, have you seen her !!!!
  4. Christ was that a Hippocrokka...I thought it was a nice looking matelot

    God Save the Queen

  5. Jesus F*cking Christ. That's what the Andrew's been reduced to putting aboard their ships these days?

  6. Seen worse,done worse....but how long till she's in her 'nicks in loaded/nuts/farmers weekly......
  7. Surely ol Jolly jack Tar would give johnny Iranian the golden rivet back.

  8. The_Matelot has more chance with Pretorian than she has of being done by any member of the male species! Come to think of it where's MDN he probably would :)
  9. Fair enough what he went through was not Butlins but to admit to the world you wept like a baby, Fair play,Because he would never live that down in my BN, The ribbing would never stop.
    I think Faye wears the pants on the boat anyway, have you seen her Bingo wings i wouldn't feck with her.

    And before you ask that's after 10 wife beater's
  10. From

    An iPod!!!!! WTF did he think he was on, a tourist cruise down the Shatt? It's not like there hadn't been any Royals kidnapped or any one killed on the that stretch of water before. Blubbing to$$er. [​IMG]
  11. It takes 3 years to build a ship, 300 to build a tradition and one 10min interview by a feeble-minded matelot to hole the Service's credibility below the waterline.

    I remember inspections regularly ending with the comment, "Thank God there's a Navy". I wonder if the old joke will survive this episode. I hope so.